Excuse Me

Wed, 04/23/2014 - 13:38 -- Daree


 Its okay for me to

Talk about pussy, money, and weed

But the moment my content

Begins to precede just blowing trees

I’m a dweeb

or I’m a nerd

I’m a geek

And not allowed to be seen with you

In the streets

Well, excuse me for my soul  being

Equidistant, to the books you dispose

And the ones you despise

Excuse me for learning the

Who, what, when, where, why, and how

Of my predicament, The embitterment

Rather than the

Who of fashion

And the what

Of the music industry

My interests surpass

The one dimensional entity

Of the coonified media

For I am too dignified to be

An entertainer of her

Flocka clings to brick squad

Being the infamous wild boy

Who is now the loud boy

You need to get your head out of

The clouds boy

You have just become the

New Jim Crow’s clown

You toy

“The slave left the plantation

Stood in the sun

And came back”

The epitome of what we tend to do

Nicki sings “Stupid Hoe”

With her rear in the air

That’s right

That ass you shake

Is the ass of yourself you make

I am pure, raw, and uncut

Raw like your music

But too pure for you to


Much like how it was once

Impossible for you to read and write

At the age of ten

I am too radical

Too revolutionary

Too logical

Too empowering

Too emancipating

Too liberal

For your moderately tuned ear

So ready to move back and forth

At the orders of club music

But too removed to go

Back into the history of one’s ancestry

And forward into the life of

The Enlightenment

What a despot I am

Excuse me??


Excuse you



It is you who chose to

Trade your

Malcolm, Your Martin,Your

Garvy, Your Ida, Your Nat,

Your Cookman, Your Waters,

Your Booker, Your Bethune,

Your Angelou, Your Assata,

And assimilate

To the point where you only

Can relate

To buffoonery

The true definition of a coon

To me

Excuse you for becoming

The embodiment of self- degradation

The modern Topsy

Excuse you for furthering the

Erroneous stereotypes at hand

You aggressive, unruly

Predator of a man

Excuse you for

Continuing the racial caste

Of this country

Excuse you for being so ignorant

That you do not recognize

The chains wrapped around

Your brain, The Power

Running through Your veins

And the shackles

Bound to your feet

Making you a slave


Excuse you for buying stock

In the gentrification of Your Community

Rather than the restoration of it

Where you see the three part corruption

And now even four

The liquor stores,

The banks,

The churches,

And the penitentiaries

All wrapped into One

Do you see what

The lack of your cognizance

Has done?

Excuse you

Nap time is over

It is now

Nat time

The games

They’re over



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