Dark Waters

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 16:54 -- Sindy


My heart lies open

floating on the surface of dark waters

facing the black night sky

as the full moon moves farther

in among the large clouds passing the shining stunners

that stunned my heart left lying open

on the surface of dark waters


Dark waters that bob and weave and rock

as my heart grows quiet, it is them that shock

my glooming heart lying open in the tides

of the dark waters that spread far and wide

below the full moon and the shining stunners

that twinkle and fade

behind the shade

of the large clouds in the night sky

over the dark waters where my

open heart lies


The full moon goes down

the sweet sun tears the night sky apart

shining its soft rays on my ever silent heart

glowing at the sight of its beautiful shine

much greater than the stunners that shone at nighttime

As my heart lies open on the surface of clear waters

it begins to slowly sink below and continues farther

for the worst has passed and a new day has arisen

as the sweet sun peeks up above the horizon


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