I am fear inside us all.
The swirling, contorting depths of darkness that consumes.
Slight glimmers of light cry as they attempt to break through,
But they can’t.
It’s overpowering.
I am human.


I am pain hidden beneath the ginger smile and ringing laughter.
Injuries sustained from endless moons of battle
And scars wrapped in unraveling bandages.
Tears of red drip from my flesh as
Rain falls pitifully from my bambi eyes.
I am human.


I am memories long forgotten, as are you.
The photographs, washed of all color, blinking
Behind my lids, unaware of the desire
To touch that life again
Where wanting to have the warmth of love
Filling my limbs be the only cause for real happiness.
I am human.


But indeed, I am hope
Among the shadows stalking one’s heart.
The halo that lingers by the side of the
Weary and lucky and blessed.
A pale glow at the end of the tunnel that is pleased to watch
my ebony garments slip from my body
As a gown of golden replaces it.
For a moment I’m intangible.
Just a moment, enough to realize
I am human.


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