The New Bully

Wed, 06/04/2014 - 16:50 -- Synbad

It's funny, these days,

How bullying has changed

These anti-bullying campains

Haven't made bullying lessen

Instead we're progressin'

To new attacks

You can't just beat someone up,  

And leave their soul intact

Even the names have changed

You can't call someone gay

But homophobic's okay

Can't make fun of someone for their skin

But you can throw rasist around like it's nothin'

Call them haters, call them jugmental, because the name of the game

Is to drive them insane

To get them to hate themselves

And is it justice? 

Because the truth is

That the "bullies" the "haters"

They all still matter

They all got mommas

They all got fears

They all cry when they're hurtin', so you best make certain

You know who the"bully" is here 


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