you want to know what makes me tick? well guess what! 

I have a whole list, although at times i'm quiet and chill

sometimes i just can't deal with the ignorance and the lies.

just tell the truth, if you do i guarantee you'll make it far in life.

i hate when people get mad for no reason, or when petty stuff keeps you from breathing

i hate the stereotypes that exist, they claim their religions don't allow this .

yet, you judge anyway and they don't get that no matter how much they claim they try their true

feelings can't stay inside. I don't like those who like tormenting others just because deep down

there's some rooted  uncertainty that makes you feel like your you're alone in a huge crowd.

I hate that those type of people never understand that their putting the people they're hurting

in the same position that they hate to be put in.

I hate when people don't support each other because in the end what will happen when 

you need a real friend to be there for you. 

Overall I'm very chill, I just wish people would be honest and humble. Is that such a huge deal? 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression!Powerful expression!  

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