You say your fighting for freedom, your fighting for America,
I say your just killing people, creating hysteria,
You got no consciousness for the little innocent voices,
Too quick to pull a trigger without thinking over your choices,
Hearing voices,
Crying out for help but you don't speak,
Remorse can hit you hard when you got a killing streak,
That's how you live your life,
Live life by the gun,
Not caring for the kids across the street just having fun,
Its just begun,
Hopes, dreams, and lives lost,
Killing all your enemies no matter the cost,
But did it get you freedom? ...
I guess not,
It just brought you memories that you never forgot,
So stop the violence... stop the killing,
Stop these kids that with violence and hate your filling,
The next thing you know they've got a gun..
Their objective is done,
The  Revolution  has begun.
By: Amina Islamovic
"Speak your mind"


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