How do we live for


How do we live for today when tomorrow is a dream?

Tomorrow is not always guaranteed

We take this beautiful easy life for granted

Standing on the corners of the earth , that seem to be slanted.

We throw friendships away , like spoiled food

We push people away , because we are not in the mood.

How is it that we are surrounded with such beautiful nature

But we destroy it?

We litter

We pollute

How is it that we are the most excepting creatures

Yet we push away

Yet we hate

We envy what others have instead of being grateful for what we do.

Tomorrow is not a guarantee

Tomorrow is a gift.

We should sped our lives reminessing and enjoying

laughing and playing

working and earning 

not tossing in turning

hating and wanting

trashing and thrashing

The present is a gift

It is time for us all to lift.


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