Thu, 07/24/2014 - 00:12 -- Tsuki


Let me just be honest and up front

You and I both know that I am not society’s ‘beautiful’

But I don’t want to be cruel though

Because there are little girls looking at me and seeing themselves

And questioning who would put them through hell

Just because of weight, shape, and scars

That covers their body

They are judged

I have experienced the bully’s wrath of pain

And know that their heart knows no love

Because the cruel things they say bring them no gain

And I hope they are one day shown friendship

Because sticks and stones break my bones

And words aren’t supposed to hurt me

But the words haunt my nightmares like walking zombies

I know they don’t remember me

But for four years the played me

And I tried to fight back

But having no friends doesn’t bring confidence to the ring

If anything it diminishes hopes and dreams

Bullies may never remember the bullied

But the bullied will always remember the bullies

And the people that were never there for them

Their faces etched into the skin

As I begin to grin

At this grim fate laid upon those bigger than a size eight

Oh the ones who have scars from depression

Or that have been messing’ in the wrong gangs

Maybe it is just a phase

But if it is listen to my phrase

As I tell you friends and family need to be praised

Because they will always be there for you no matter what other people are saying

Be proud of your scars and show them to the world

They are not something to hide

You have earned your place among angels

Because of those occasional rain spills

That happened to slip through your eyes

And I know you tried hard not to cry

Jealousy isn’t always a reason to hate

For most kids it’s because they can’t relate

Adults stand by watching the kids retaliate

When the laws are there to keep them safe

One day you will all look in the mirror with no shame

And love that reflection of you staring back

Because even when you break the glass, you are still in your own body

You are still stuck in the present

So forgive yourself of your sins

And then begin

Your new life as the one with no shame

People may judge you

But they don’t know your story

Keep living on

And life will never be boring


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