In Hope of Serenity

Tue, 04/29/2014 - 20:07 -- CCALTAM

Sometimes emotions come in, all at once, in a huge wave with so much force, that running from it seems impossible; yet the only answer is to try and escape. 

It feels like your so close to leaving it all behind, so close to walking away with relief in your heart, yet the wave is too strong and pulls you in, each, and every time. 

You then begin to realize there is no escape. 

The only way out is to relive every one of those memories you've tucked away for so long. 
It begins and ends the same way every time.

It feels so cold, and then the warmth creeps up and embraces you; and leaves you with a promise. 
"It won't last forever. The pain is only temporary." 
But regardless of the promise, you know today is not that day. Today, it took over. Today, it beat you down.

Weakening it is your only hope. Defeating it is your one true goal.

Deep down you know the day will come when fear no longer takes control and you have the courage to face it head on. 

Only then will you truly experience serenity. Only then will the pain lessen. Only then.. But for now just remember you're not alone. Never alone. 




We sometimes get so wrapped up into our daily life that putting things behind us is just natural. We always think we can deal with it later, without realizing how much it hurts when it comes, unexpectedly. When we're "dealing with it" we get so caught up in our emotions that we can't see that we don't stand alone. So many people experience the same things we do in a different way and I always want to think of it as feeling alone, but never alone. 

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