Seemingly Simple


Hamilton Music Academy
United States

Seemingly Simple
Yet so abstract
Why is loving your own kind
Such a taboo subject
Subject to all the things we use
To substitute their names
As we call out to Mamacitas
And snow bunnies as they hop away
No wonder why they tell us to go away
Screaming with giggles to their mains
About how these boys ain't worth a Damn Thang
Charging the Blame
To our names
It stains
Like wine to a black rug
Because even tho
They've said these words
We never change
We move along never phased
Why can't we treat them like queens
Bow on our hands and knees
Tell them that they are everything
And we will do anything to please them
Where is the love?
Oh that's right it's an emotion
We were never taught
Because our problems
Will only be solved after we've fought
Anger The only emotion every taught
Seemingly simple
But we never gave it a second thought
Where is the love
What happen to telling a girl
She's a gift from up above
Instead if using the word
And Thot
Like it's apart of the English dictionary
Where is the Love
Tell that girl with her shoulders slumped over
That crown is tipping
Tell her you know why the cage bird sings
So baby keep singing
Stride like the model type
Your Majesty
It'll be a travesty
If I didn't tell you
Burn Hot like an African Summer
It's a real bummer
That most Men
Will never know the beauty
They can uncover
Because you is you
There is no other


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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