Lunchtime Rhapsody


Written from the observations of a young black woman who is tired of the same.


Watching all these goofy boys
Spilled milk and ugly toys
Day by day futures destroyed 
And all they do is make noise
Pants fall off their asses
Disturbances in all of their classes
Backwards baseball caps
And stupid dances
Nappy hair, Afro picks
With stereotypical stances
The gangsta type, all old, no new
True Religion jeans
Faded Prussian blue
Ghetto speak and explicit language
The only thing that fills their cadences
Rocking BEATS headphones 
Following behind each other like drones
No minds
Dreams of big-bootied hoes
And rappers with infinite flows
Like wildfire, this type grows
And knows no limits
Wanna be big rich men with endless women
Oh, world save em all from their sad, sad tale
Everyday the downward spiral of the teenaged black male


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