Not a Stereotype

All those guys that look down on us girls
For being ourselves
Cause we don’t fit their expectations of their
Perfect world

My life is my life, don’t care what you guys say
Cause I choose to live my life my way
Just because I refuse to be with you,
Behave in the way you want me to,
I’m suddenly labeled as the bad guy here
Just for saying no and refusing to obey you

Well, guess what, I’m not your property at all
I won’t be there to support you when you begin to fall
As a woman, I am free to be whoever I am
Won’t let a man hold me back ever again
I’m done with men in my life manipulating me
Trying to tell me who to be

It’s time we girls stood up and took back our world
So what if I don’t look like the perfect girl
We all got imperfections, you know it’s true
But I’m done with being used by you


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