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POW! POW! POW! A black body hits the concrete The concrete stained with blood Red stripes represent freedom Black bodies, black children, black slaves
Six Feet of Separation29, June 2020 Have you heard that theory?Of six-degrees of separation . . . It says that any one person is connected by six or less people to any other person on the planet
Walking down a street being assulted... Starting riot's Just to stay alive...  To protect you own life Its unfair they are scared to walk outside! To be shot...
#Black Lives Matter Its not enough.   Its not enough, posting a black-out screen on instagram Children grow up in fear around the world. In fear of leaving their homes,
Standing together strong as leather never better no matter the weather we stand as one  the fights just begun  
Standing together strong as leather never better no matter the weather we stand as one  the fights just begun  
We’re Still Hurting 
Black lives matter. We need to live in peace. Climb up this social justice ladder. So we can get out of this in one piece.
Yet those doubting clear violence Have they no moral empathyTo suggest atrocities are justified? Do they see any errorsIn the analytical obvious judgment?Hatred never possesses an alibi
Welcome to America The land of opportunity The land of the free With “liberty and justice for all”   Innocent until proven guilty
My life is politicized Whether or not my life matters is up for debate Yet when I speak my voice is not heard My words are drowned out my words are blurred  
The world is so cruel When will we ever find peace on earth We scream, we yell Wanting to make a change But it seems as if we are getting no where I am hurting, full of rage
Step One When you see flashing blue and red lights behind you, do not panic! (Unless you are black.)  If so, run through a mental list  Rapid-fire
I am black. I am white.  Why does it matter?  All we do is fight. All we do is chatter. Why cant we accept were all different? I am black. I am white.  All of this behavior is belligerent.
We walked in peace,  signs in the sky   You responded  with an army   We asked for  equality, justice   You flooded us with rubber bullets and tear gas instead
To be small in a world of giants Is to be ignored of your affairs   While your soul is heated by the flame Their hair blows in the crisp morning air   As the giants tower with their heads held high
Everyday I'm seeing life through my black eyes, Watching black lives fade away into the next life. My chest, tight It really burns because it's not right, My brothers and sisters die daily and I do not fight.
So Today I Heard Rhymes... By The Man DEFARI That Just BLEW My Mind... !!! Because of The Vibe of His Rhyme Design... Because He Spoke About WHY...?!? In These Days And Times...
Your silence speaks louder than words What happens today changes tomorrow Speak on injustice, rise like songbirds Your recent post, you put on a good show
Well It Seems Nowadays THAT..." Black Lives Matter "..... ? Well I'd Say THE HUMAN Factor... Is What We SHOULD RECAPTURE... !!!!!!!! IN FACT What I Mean Is... "Capture"... !!!
ALL ABOARD... ALL ABOARD... !!! But Hey This ISN'T A Train Or Some Game To Be PLAYED... Or Some Kind of Cruise Ship Because This Here Is Calling... You ........................ BANDWAGON Kids ...................... !!!
Is the color of my skin a crime? As if I am not alive, Dear God, all I am trying to do is survive Because you never know when it’s time to say goodbye. My people have felt deprived It’s time to testify,
Is the color of my skin a crime? As if I am not alive, Dear God, all I am trying to do is survive Because you never know when it’s time to say goodbye. My people have felt deprived It’s time to testify,
Is the color of my skin a crime? As if I am not alive, Dear God, all I am trying to do is survive Because you never know when it’s time to say goodbye. My people have felt deprived It’s time to testify,
I'm driving the speed limit, car clean, I'm clean, everything is up to date But I'm still stopped by the law  I put my hands on the steering wheel "Officer why am I being stopped?" "I ask the questions" (aggressive)
Your knee is on my neck Hands handcuffed behind my back I'm on the ground I'm cooperating
Because their was a gun Our black Americans are dying Left and right everyday of the month Just because he looks like your suspect doesn't mean he was Making an arrest off of suspension no proof
  We are many shades of color. We carry the most fear. The guilt in the elimination of those who are us of coloured.
You will never know. Mercifully you will never feel that tremendous traumatic terror on your heart. You should never be held at gunpoint for false accusations.
He wakes up. And gets ready for the day. Just to go to the store and end up dead the same day. He was socially accused but no evidence.
Being black is not a crime. Ralling together for justice shouldn't be as well. What they did was unlawful, it was appalling, it was a barbaric murder.
Baby boy, I can’t even contemplate what you’re going through, and when you go out those doors I always worry about you, but hey, I know I raised you with morals and values...
" I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America. And to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
Gunshots...After taking shots..
When trials come like furious wind to blow you down, To tear your tender heart and have your tongue -- a pawn. Be strong and fight for liberty and equity; Not by your arms or guns but by your ink and words.
We are all human beings. We all have feelings. You are all the same in that we are human. It doesn't matter what color we are. We should all be against racism. We are all equal.
My native land was filled with the clinging sounds of gongs and Loud beats of drums That draws both the young and old to a common place of joy They only thing thing that made us relate with the former.
I still remember, the freedom and the trees I was surrounded by Suddenly replaced by the dark stink of a crowded cargo hold A collective nightmare sailing during an endless night
Sada Massey The Aftermath? ( What happens next) June 1/4/5, 2020 What happens next? After the protesters have grown tired and WEARY Then gone After the FIRES have been put out
A child born in a ward A baby who cries,A mother who tries,To quieten the child,To hope him more mild,He sleeps. For the family, delight
I am a Black American, who see's injustice all around me while breathing this ironic air called freedom I am a Black Man, who's afraid to run down the street without looking like a threat to those who do not look like me
I’m not black, but I see you. I see the that you are tired of innocent black men and women being killed. I see that you’re tired of being unheard and unlistened.
Black lives matter  Black lives matter because people are dead. So many lives lost, so many tears shed. So much justice unserved. 
Dear Past-Day America,    The dreams that you created by your own hands soon built itself with the wisdom and insight of mighty people.
Old Daddy D said, Our people love the rivers Told me the moving blue Runs through our souls and veins   Old Daddy D said,
I have a dream.No not a regular dream, A big one.A dream where you can mouth myriad things and ideas what this generation has come up to be.We live in a world with a lot of subtletiesBut am I realizing the unobtrusive things around me?Colored peop
Another black man down. All because his hand went down to retrieve what the white man "thought" was an AR 15, but in reality he was only reaching for his ID. Micheal Brown was only 18 when he got dropped by the police. Why?
Black excellence a topic commonly talked about in the 21st century  very outspoken but what does it mean literally  because it's more than a hashtag we see on Instagram
How dare you tell the boy He amounts to nothing That he weighs more than a bulldog  But must bark like one in order to matter How dare you tell the boy He should not have been nervous
All sad stories start the same Kinda starts a while back On a bench you could be asked “How does it feel to be black?”
Frustrated!Frustrated at the actions of the people who's supposed to protect/Frustrated that right now my skin makes me a logical suspect/
Black people are always getting treated like dirt Someones getting shot or ends up getting hurt We try hard and fight for justice so this can stop
Black lives realy do mater Seeing all these lives taken really makes my heart shatter We're still fighting for equality and power We need to proud of our skin And be happy within We cannot change it 
Eye-seeking Melanoid Adonte’ Dunn I am an antonym of democracy, the one who gets the negative end of the stick. I am an eye-seeking melanoid though,
Feminism It is not just about gender.   It is about the surrender of my identity, for a hypothetical destiny,  
Until we can live without fear of persecution From the color of our skin Or the accent with which we speak Or what other country we’ve lived in   Until Social Justice is universal And accepted by all
Living on campus is too dangerous these days As I have a fear of guns that will blaze As school shootings are not a phase   So I commute A thirty-five minute drive
Our perceptions are irrelevant we are aware that they are not important We are deceived that the world is making a change But I feel like these officers practice with my face in the gun range
Im afraid  Im afraid everytime I walk out my front door  Im so afraid something might happen to me or my family and it burns me to the core Afraid of what? so many people ask 
I hate feeling like I have to choose between my country and my race. I haven't said the pledge since Trump has been in office and my heart hurts. My heart bleeds. I love my country.
It's hard to look at a white man the same, When your ancestors suffered, and they're the ones to blame, White America will never be put to shame, Senseless acts of murder, listen to the names;
my  mother says that I came into this world Fightingfists clenched, two months too earlyborn beneath a clouded november skyon the verge ofSomething.
Being afraid of the dark is one thing Being afraid of my dark is another My dark is beauty and power Not violence and sour   I shouldn’t give you fear I shouldn’t give you tears
Its been a hard day A lot of emotions going around I can't stand down I have to say it out loud DON'T SHOOT, DON'T SHOOT I know my hands are down But I would like to stay alive a little longer 
Hey, black child keep your eyes open they're out to get you. Keep your head up they'll always try to keep you down. Stay woke before they put you in your grave.
Red, white, and blue What does that mean to you? To you red might symbolize love But to me red symbolizes the blood
M other blesses the day I was born, why is it Y ou spit upon it like a curse?   L ike the day God chose to paint me brown
5 silhouettes stroll through a white town alone the sight of them causes residennts' mouthes to foam 4 jagged stones are thrown aimed to shatter the dark kings' destined thrones 3 skins ripped to the bone
Once knew this girl,typical self hatred ran deep Like a kangaroo that hated it's own leap She was out of pocket with her tongue Her pain was old but her voice was young
The Hate You Give Makes me feel on a whole other level  I have to cope and deal I see your gun  pointed at my son My dad, my uncle, my cousin, my granpa
  We live in a world where violence is heavier than ever We hear more about people getting killed, more than we hear about the weather
Decisions By :Kyndal Griffin   Decisions, Decisions There are many decisions one can make,
The Unapologetic Address By Hannah Hattie McBean Ahem-Ahem-Ahem-Ahem Skin'n and grin'nGo on and skin that grin
No Comment Running down blocks Chasing through streets Pulling off covers Ripping up sheets I went to look for my boy last night You saw him play, step high, make strides
Fear.  Sadness.  Anger.  Death.  Nothing seems right Nothing seems fair  Black bodies gunned down
The Cop I want at Pride Sees the law as a growers guide To a garden of a community Written by amateurs Who only slightly know what they’re doing  
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  Curly haired girl with big brown eyes Always looked different And always wanted to hide   Curly hair seemed untamed Brown eyes seemed all the same   But,
Share with me this moment.  As we lock hands, we take flight.  As we lock hands, we take control.  If only for this moment we share a fate.  If only for this moment we share a fate. 
From the deep roots of my ancestors ... A long never ending line of family ... Blood to Blood so much history … The journey begins …  
Race …. All powerful things come to mind ... From all the history taught ... Knowing on half of the whole story ... Hearing it ...  
My identity came with those around me because the ink cartridges on my skin weren’t enough I am not black like the other black boys and girls
You were shooting in the dark Succumbed to your conditioning adrenaline and false positioning No evidence, no threats, nothing... Blinded by your motivation Guided by your determination
Pen and a paper forces words to come strong.  You wanted elevation now I'm forced to screen law.  Comin’ in like a sheep in disguise. To aid in the ignorance of my demise.  To those I idolize. 
Black Power I want to climb on a tower I want the whole world to hear This is what I fear Is this what the world has come to?
I take a knee In solidarity With my oppressed brothers and sisters For I am not free
A porcelain girl inside this world is trapped with hate but filled with love. All is against her, for the light is pure and good The dark is death and evil.
 Dear Mom,  
I am American, the color of my skin or the kinks in my hair do not define who I am meant to be. I too am just as equal as the other.
Beauty. You're too dark for thatYour luscious skin once againhas been attacked by such harsh mentorment and hate was destined for your fatespeak loud and brave, defend your fightno color no race shall determine the end  Courage invades yo
"You have the right to remain silent” I've been silent for too long, so then the question is Is it really a right that i possess I guess my whole life
My Black is Missing.... Did you know My Black is Missing? Did you know that my young, black sistahs are missing? I don't think you understand me when I say you don't know. You've ignored it for so long...  
 I am strong & African American.I want you to accept me for me just because I have more melanin soaked so heavily in my skin that doesn’t define my intelligence.I wonder, why are we here?
Everyday we play danger with our lives. Smoking, drinking and partying with drugs. Tryna be a Tupac when in reality we just some low down wanna be thugs. We not shooters out here..We just should've, could've, would'ves in the hood. A NBA player to
They say black lives don’t matter cause we out here killing each other.And when they see him all they think of is a thug.Another brother who’s gonna rot in the gutter.Get his picture ready for the newspaper.Tell his mother her son ain’t coming bac
It’s not understandable as to why we face this issue There are little girls that are barely 10 years old that see what's missing  
Dear Listeners,   We find it worthwhile, To tell you that, He was a father, But he was Black. He was a husband,
Let’s stick with the facts we don't want any one getting confused  In this world of different colors, why is it me I'm getting accused? Not just that, at the hands of an officer I'm facing death 
Being black..... 
Everyone said they hated slavery but my brothers and sisters we still beat on each other not with whips and chains but bullets to the brain knifes to the vain.
Dear White People,Born to love and not to hate.I see a goal that’s not up for debate.Growth is nothing but and allusion, When all you do is jump to conclusion.Hung, beaten, separated, shot!Just as long as I didn't take your spot.Intimidated and th
Dear black kids, it is okay to feel. It is okay to show any emotion besides anger. However, with your circumstances I can see why anger might be the most prominent. Dear black kids, i'm sorry.
I saw duke's campaign just the other day, and learned alot of reasons for words we shouldn't say " I don't say man up because I don't believe in gender norms" MAN UP! YOU'R A BOY!
If we aren't getting killed by cops or enduring police brutality  We are killing each other. It's like the fighting never stops. History is slowing repeating itself, just in different versions.
To be black Madison Herring   To be black is to be a shadow A memory of a slave who somehow got free That ⅗ of a person
You wake up in the morning, terrified to leave your home ‘cause you know someone will shoot you if you’re out on your own. You contemplate wearing that black hoodie in your closet,
my brothers name is Other all of my brother's friends are named Other, too
My first REAL poem . . . No, you cannot touch my hair, No, you cannot stare, I am not an animal in a zoo, But I’m often mistaken as one by you
A beautiful swan by day The lady Odette by night
Only if all my brothers where like Luke Cage I wouldn't have to see them all on the front page. At least not for robbing the corner liquor store, and when he tries to run away police catch him going through the back door.
White man stepped foot on Jamestown. And she warned us that, The Beginning of the End comes presenting gifts. Along with the metal that they called iron,
White man stepped foot on Jamestown. And she warned us that, The Beginning of the End comes presenting gifts. Along with the metal that they called iron,
I was always jealous of her clothing.  Not because of what she wore,  But due to the magic in her protective red.  Her pale complexion 
I am one woman In a sea of million lives lost, I was a mother, a sister, a best friend,  but that will never be included In your story for the news,  so here is the truth, 10000 years In shackles, calling us other than our name, i ám left with one
History rewritten át the barrel of a gun, How mùch does she need to bleed, What can the blood on his face mean,Those hands, That mind, The name is  unnoticed, You see Skin Color, Not the Story, You see Clothes, Not the Story, You see Stereotype, N
*What Was A Black Woman's Truth*
Young blood spilled on harsh ground Anguished cries of a hurting mother and father A surgeon’s plea for a steady hand as she Questions why a babe was shot tonight
The opportunity they give me are like the fast food handouts they pass out on the street. Profile me and see what I can be. Black and powerful is what I see. I'm more than a thing I'm a human being a heart and soul is what you can't see.
To be or not to be so if I didn’t want to be black could I change my ethnicity Because now and days cops can’t tell A pack of .99 cent skittles From a .9mm pistol and forget miranda she was never there
When I tell my mom that I fear for the lives of the people who I hold dear to me , she asks why 
They say this the Land of the Free, well wait let's see You brought my ancestors in shackles,changed their names,and branded them like cattle Freedom came with a hidden agenda and freeing niggas wasn't on the itinerary
Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light People born to privilege deciding what is right. By the cop lights’ red glare, guns bursting through the air Gave proof through the night, that inequality is still there.
six feet under damn what a bummer all because of their skin what was the color?   black in america, is this even a surprise 
               Black lives   Friends bring joy to your day Innocent lives taken  for granted
Oh, say can you see The violence The rallies The death We tell the world it’s freedom But it is blood that paves our streets It shines in the sun Mocking gold
Minorities join together, Speeches written on their suffrage. Couplets composed with words like leather,
America is the land of the free and home of the brave But individuals have been fighting racial injustice since they were enslaved
When I was 5, I stood with my hand on my heart and recited words I didn’t understand-the pledge of allegiance-to a country that threatened to deport my best friend and their family.
At this 100 day mark I am reminded of my past because of the present And I fear for our children's future I was a white kid reaping the benefitsOf a white South AfricaI don't mean to make a division, 
Being part of America isn't a treat   People still shoot us down, cuffs on our hands and our feet People from different races fight all around us,  cops caught in the middle 
As I’m walking out, I see a different world.I stay looking at the news, telling myself this isn’t real.I feel like I’m always gonna be asking myself why. Why does the world have to be so racist.Why does the world have to have so much hatred. Why d
 In a world where children are obliteratedBy chemical weaponsWhere strikes rattle the brains and deafenThe sleeping innocent are threatenedA man faces ArmageddonYet, He claims tears of joy for his twins are in heaven
We fought for freedom, and rights that witheld us The stars on our flag each equal a problem that drowns us Our dirt is covered with laughs and smiles When there stands a homeless child  Are we really great?
Oh great America, I should be proud, As a young black girl, My black women, My black men and children are falling down, Over 500 years of oppression aggression and discrimination are still found,
“What has our world come to?” I ask. Have we not learned from our past? Morals are becoming a blurred sight. We are doing things that we know aren’t right  
Oh, say, can you see, blinded by the tear gas By the dawn's early light, shining through our body bags as we lay on the street, hitting our 3 hour mark What so proudly we hailed
Dear white america, why is our skin color your favorite target?  We will continue to scream, black lives matter with our hands above our heads in protest to your brutality  No matter what your thoughts are about it  Our skin color isn't a threat t
You hate me and my kind because of the color of our skin You think it's okay to mistreat and use us because we're black Little do you know without us you're nothing We "The Blacks" Have brought so much here
My mother has green eyes They still call me a negro She has straight hair too But they still call me a clicker   My father has skin that’s black like cocoa
i have always been a fighter. not the "squae up, meet me afterschool" type of fight. i'm talking about the boy in my class just called me the "n word,"
A dangerous people, a dividing nation A world full of hate A FUTURE to believe in becasue America is great? Let me tell ya'll something... Bigotry and Violence, Racism and Injustice surround every city
They Steal Black children from their mothers’ hearts They Changed the meaning of a gun They Made it a crime to wear a hoodie while being Black They Use a hashtag to justify murder
Civil War   It’s amazing how quickly your life can be turned inside out
My heart goes out to those Who have loved and who have lost To the ones who did nothing And yet still paid the cost The cost for what, their
Pure dark cocoa, milk chocolate, toasted caramel, almond joy; & eveything in between. Love your colored Kings & Queens. 
For the color of my skin should not define me It should not set a basis for stereotypes I should be able to walk confidently in the skin God made for me I should be able to walk down the street and not get shot
People say All lives matter but that's not true. To all my colored brothers and sisters do I matter do you? NOPE! Wake Up in the morning turn on the news and hear that one of us died. It's sad that people judge our lives.
We self-determine We self-define If you do not approve, then we respond,  "Your problem not mine"   He speaks English so impeccably It's the envy of all the UK
Cam Newton, you piss me offyou're very existence makes my negro skin sizzle till it burns off, could never pick you to be a disgrace and sell yourself off.
I remember at the start Everybody prayed Twenty sixteen please be better They said and said and said  I remember at the start
You're too angry, these statements he said. When he should have taken my hand and asked me where it hurt.    Am I invisible to you?  You don't see me here?  My hips is wide 
​Scattered streets  Bevy's of the same,   Change seems like a void; hopeless    Act as one and united  is now among  It walks through the streets accepted in all different stocks and kinds
My alarm goes off The sweet sound of the ukulele jingle wakes me from my slumber As I embrace my gray plush blanket, I hit ‘dismiss’ and consider remaining in the warm, cozy fuzz of blissful sleep
When God says, “It’s time” it’s time.But the world was not ready for Trayvon’s cries and bloody eyes, as bullets struck his 17-year-old spine.Blood gurgling from his lungs as he yells for help But no one was to be found.Soon the nation roared with
I’m praying hard for better daysI promise I’m going to hold onSo many of my brothers dead and goneFlying high with the man in the sky Looking downWaiting for something to be done
We are shot when we are compliant  We are shot when we are defiant  There are mothers crying There are children dying They want to keep us institutionalized I know what the Germans done 
Frustrated! Frustrated at the actions of the people who's supposed to protect
We want freedom in every way Freedom from being shot everyday Of course all lives matter But what about all the senseless act Of the killing of black males black males and black females
Hello. My name is Carol Denise McNair. On September 15, 1963 my mother expected me to return home safely. Instead, four Klansmen decided to bomb the church I was attending. Didn't they know children were in there?
It's the same ole song, Just a different day, I heard the white man found a new uniform for the KKK.  My people doing a lot of tweeting but it ain't enough acting,
She asks me, Quieres café? And I respond you are too sweet. Too sweet to the point that I don’t have to take a sip from this Colombian coffee Because you helped me rise when I fell deep and saw nothing but fake images.
Gods pen paints both my skin and limbs with very distinct shades of melanin, but they curse me for his beautiful creativity, to them my nativity is a scene of injustice, but that’s incorrectly worded, it should be a scene of justice.
Dear World, You are so messed up, no really let me break it down for you The people who I see on the news or the even the people whom are listening to this want to hear that Black Live Matter.
God wants us at peace He hates when we weep Then the police put another nigga to sleep They dont care what your name is They dont give a fuck if yo name is pete All they do is kill, kill and repeat
God wants us at peace He hates when we weep Then the police put another nigga to sleep They dont care what your name is They dont give a fuck if yo name is pete All they do is kill, kill and repeat
Like Sterling SilverHe probably had a daughter He probably tried to shield her He was selling CD'sJust
Cleansing myself with words from God Uttered through melodies of Truth Wrapping themselves around my broken heart Soothing my soul.
I have no more space in my heart To mourn for you It vanished when you stole me from my country Became a gaping hole when you took my language
"We hold these truths to be self evident,
A man driving down the road Listening to the radio Chilling with his girls;  his daughter and wife.
Story of a Little Black Girl   I was three. Socks up to knees. Posed in front of trees. Mom saying cheese. School wasn't ready for me.
Story of a Little Black Girl   I was three. Socks up to knees. Posed in front of trees. Mom saying cheese. School wasn't ready for me.
To be black is to carry a burden To be black is to carry the world on your shouldersTo be black is to be so magical they can't fathom the fact that you're real
When will it end? My heart cannot bear to hear the horrible news, The killings of the innocent are giving me blues It is never-ending trend
When will it end? My heart cannot bear to hear the horrible news, The killings of the innocent are giving me blues It is never-ending trend
We must wake up for the world to sleep, They ask why we "disturb the peace", We ask why they place the chains on our feet, Can they not listen to the screams? Do they not believe in the dream?
How can you sit there and say that “All Lives Matters” When, clearly, All Lives do not matter when you see the Same Race Same Gender
How can you sit there and say that “All Lives Matters” When, clearly, All Lives do not matter when you see the Same Race Same Gender
Miscommunication, no empathy , the message never getting through.  I try and try, but you only see your point of view.  Understanding breeds from knowledge and compassion, characteristics I wouldn't use to describe you. 
 Dear Mother Society, The ideal child, I did as I was told.   “Close your eyes” This world is innocent, if seen by the eyes of the blind.    The ideal child, I did as I was told.
When you’re born they ask how dark?Does my life matter?When you’re a toddler and people call you pickaninnyDoes my life matter?
"All lives matter," they respond,  as thousands of black and colored people across the country  protest and rage against the countless injustices that have been brought upon black men and women
Attempting to march from Selma to Montgomery,  MLK had hope. 
Y'all can't keep killing us and thinking y'all are going to keep getting away with it we  sick and tired of coming up with hashtags for our lost long black brothers and sisters that we ain't never met before but since you died we feel f
See if y'all keep playing imma turn this shit into columbine oh nah it's not funny when I make white jokes but when y'all make black ones it's a comedy show.
See if y'all keep playing imma turn this thing into columbine oh nah it's not funny when I make white jokes but when y'all make black ones it's a comedy show.
Every beginning has an end and every enemy was once a friend  deception the act of making someone believe something that is not true  the act of deceiving someone
"Turning to a new page in my almost filled thought book for a topic that needs the room. This is only page 2016. Our world is ending.
Faith is strong doubts Like fear, are crippling Still we fight and we DON'T STOP The color of my skin Is no sin so i Won't stop.
                                   Walking Closely in Brotherhood                                               By: Alesiya Walker    Only God can create peaceful unity,
do you see her? a girl trying to survive this world carrying opinions of her race and gender on her back? do you see him?
I once was told I was never to succeed, Because of my skin color and the way that I breathe. Although I am not privileged, Nor do I have eyes deep as ocean blues, I am human and I refuse to lose.
You took a life from me You took a life from us They took a life from me They took a life from us "I took out the trash woman" "He's but a stranger crazy." My blood boils viciously
Andrew argued angrily about what allegedly occurred. 
The spark of one Became the flame of many Trailing through city to city Clouded eyes, unjust hearts This type of blaze is a painful art One by one the trees burn down
  “X Marked The Rocks” The X in excellence seals your footsteps. Stones trustworthy acts of strength. The “King” was Our Shepard Crown thee majesty honoring such grace.
When you look at me, what do you see? Is it the dark complexion of my skin Or the fullness of my lips Is it the way I embrace People like me As if they were my family? Today, nobody gets to see
I hear nice songs everyday, but to those I can't relate
                                                                                                                                                         If you’re going out then remember these few things.
We had a voice, a dream, something to say  But the white people took that all away  Chains broken only to be put back together again  We had a love like no other  And found strength in one another 
Hate, violence Fires, Riots Fights, Never stay quiet All caused by two words, Not Guilty  It's fair, it's unfair People asking how can this be ?! The pain is unbearable for most 
We're living in a world filled with injustice, where we don't have to be doing anything and the cops think they can touch us, another man down, now that really starts to touch us,
The Power of God I ask God why? And this is what he told me My child who are you to question me? I Am, The Judge, The Highest Priest, The Almighty
it comes as a great discover that the flag to which you have pledged allegiance...has not allegiance to you -James Baldwin so why is that we pled to a nation that don't doesn't care?
We go to school for about twelve years, but we have issues on the way to success. As we get older, the environment becomes more dangerous. The police become sinister and begin to destroy how God made us.
February 5, 1999 My name is Amadou Diallo.   I had just returned home after getting something to eat. Four men in plain clothes slowly drove past me. Parking their car they began to close in.
Our voices are heard But maybe our words go in one ear and out the other We barely communicate with our sisters and our brother’s Try to at least hear one word that I say Maybe we will listen one day
My dark skin isn't a sin. Your perception of my obscure color is what you have within, and when I look at my reflection, I'm in love with my complexion.
Another child. Another friend. Another son. Another daughter. Another neighbor. Another cousin. Another mother. Another father. Another lover. Another classmate.
I am Melanin   Got melanin? I do, and why is that such a bad thing? My hair is kinky; my nose is big. I no longer wish to wear extensions,
Our black is beautiful. Not only the black we wear but the black that runs deep within our veins. The black tradition we keep, Our black morals. They don't understand the privelage it is to be black.
I am BLACK ' I speak BLACK  I preach BLACK  I be BLACK  For under inevitable circumstances things take a turn for the worse  Why ? Because I am BLACK
I come from New York.There's a place here that goes by the name of Brooklyn.But it should be named CROOKlyn because there's nothing but thieves who took them & shook them.
A black girl's hair is her crown,Her light fluoresces even when she is down,A black girl's hair is diverse,But according to European standards it's the worst,
A hustler in love with a thug they are both into deep their destiny is their loyalty for the other their love is deeper then the ocen could ever be
Your existence is never trivialYour sins are always forgivableYour crimes are all permissibleNo matter how despicableYou’ll never be held accountable
…on the face of America (2015)
Just because
Let's make this blunt like some marijuana. People never understand my mental process. How can someone so young have thoughts like these running through heir mind? Youth like me.
What do I find awesome? Education and the fact that it helps me blossom Everything from reading to color coding notes Reading lets me discover new worlds and teaches me cool new words
My Brother and sisters, my friends my foes. What did we do, why did the boss man close that 'doe' ... is it the nap of my fro' or my southern accent. Did you forget when my grandpa takes off
#BlackLivesMatter, what does this mean? It means it is time to stop the violence against our beautiful black people It means that it is time for equality It means not getting stopped for 'driving while black'
    So you think just because I'm black I listen to Lil Wayne and Chief Keef?
We ain't criminals
I see blood Blood everywhere It's not in their veins But on the very soil and sand we walk upon Bleeding into oceans Rivers run deep with the sorrows
This is for my brothers and my sisters full of ideas, creativity, and passion. This is for those young black lives, the eighteen and nineteen year olds trying to make it to graduation or college orientation.
I am white and I am privileged It is disrespectful to deny that relevant fact Because when I walk to the store to buy candy I don't worry for my life Because when I see a police car drive by
Feet made of feathers He takes flight across the cement air.  Dodging bullets meant to clip his wings He soars through the forest of tenements to find a new nest. It's hunting season,
I am scared to go outside because I am black. It is two thousand and fifteen, and I am scared to go outside because I wear a hijab.
With my words as my paint
When you look at my brothersAt first glance what d
God so i dont usually do this ting but who ever you may be all powerful and holly please
They say if you're not angry you're not paying attention
We live in a time, 
Look at them, them ironhides ferocious backsides and smalls crater size. Look at them, their at the belly of the beast chest to chest these creators breathe. It is terribly bleak and sound
your hands must have once tapped to the beats of Ray Charles, Beyonce, or perhaps Kanye.
Filters block my vision,  makeup covers my identity,
realize As I look around all I see is hate Ina state that over looks every race ..wait excuse me it excepts the whites while the minorities are left on the sidelines.. There is no love left in this plastic society
If pandemonium had a soundtrack this would be it Chaos Chaos we all cry out We can't sleep We can't breathe Hands up don't shoot Only together can we make a new type of soundtrack The sound of peace
The burning crosses flow through my veins Alloyed with the remnants of black berets and raised fists The screens glow with the tide of imminent revolution  A path marched Lives disposable
Beat cause I'm black in America. I endure racism, Self-hate, Oppression, Misconception and devised plans, I lack introspection and revised plans, So I strum to the beat of the white man.
To be me is be black EVERYONE looking at me figuring the worst. It seems like my skintone is cursed, From Martin Luther King to Eric Garner Black people are losing their honor.   But when I look at me
Boy Down Mike brown 7 colors in the rainbow But somehow, It comes down to white, black and Brown    
Skin does not define who I am, it is not my choice.I did not pick this skin so I gave my skin a voice.
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