Black lives matter

Black people are always getting treated like dirt

Someones getting shot or ends up getting hurt

We try hard and fight for justice so this can stop

Instead these cops rather see bodies drop

No more cases like Stephon Clark or Korey Wise

Look what you're doing, look in their eyes

Are their tears and cries for help not loud enough? 

Hurting the innocent doesn't make you look tough

Hands up act would save so many lives

But Right now the cops are just sharpening their knives.

I'm not saying all cops are to blame

everyday it's the same, the one game

We don't want this police brutality

This isn't how we want to picture reality.

You're tearing young black families apart

Equivalent to tearing up pieces of art

It's all on the social media and the news 

Y'all see it but still refuse

I know that the truth may hurt

But it's easy to turn a blind eye when a person of colour is being hurt.

Black people shouldn't have to fear those that are meant to be protecting them.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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