For Understanding Neglect Kills yeah i say fuck everything but thats cuz i see everything.i got the funk in me like chance got the juice that's 92 snoop and my bones are full of thugs in harmony so if u guessed it u got the flow but if u aint know here u go
If u ain't know i got FUNK on me /the way i eat beats u be like he a beast
All i wanna do is let  my bruddas feel this FUNK/  the way most of us feeling,

“we don't give no FUCKS.”
But for every fuck we don't give that's another body in this war against oppression. It's kind of depressing, watching our people die in adolescents for petty misconceptions. This odor is foul. The FUNK is real. Our neglect continues still.
Man i learned in the streets/ terrorist action got knees weak/ for a opp my trigga fingas fleek/ for a cop the same finger bleak/ but i bet my feet move/ still dancing a funky groove
Hold up! our officers are meant to protect and serve us yet every version of there name has nothing to do with serving nor protecting us.
Still bouncing to this funky ass beat/ the sounds from my seats is unique/ i'm thumpin i'm swangin i'm chillin they lurking they see me they blurpin’ another black man that they hurtin, was I deservin’?
Did you pay attention to the sounds?
Sirens make us dance like Parliament.

Maybe if we had a parliament we'd have less lights to worry ‘bout!

But Parliament new how to stand out.  
But back to this FUNK that i'm spittin/
This flow that i got is a blessin/
I hope i keep breathin

so i can keep speakin/ family we kinging/

i do it for shorty i do it for cuzo i do it for mama i do it for TT.
This ain't for entertainment no more. That's the problem we are too entertained to pay attention. It’s an unconscious neglect. Sad eyes make you numb

headphones make you deaf
So i come to you thru yo speakers/

Hopefully I say something to make yah knees a lil’ stronger/

To make ya eyes go wonder!
I  want you to notice somethin!

that means you paid attention and now you understand the principles of the funk.

Word to George Clinton!

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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