United States

My heart goes out to those

Who have loved and who have lost

To the ones who did nothing

And yet still paid the cost

The cost for what, their

skin color and pride

Since when was being proud

of who you are something to hide

They reached for their ID

sold CDs on the street

and you think they deserved to die?

America when will you open your eyes

and see that this can only change

if we all rise

Rise together as one

and stop justifying murder

"Because he tried to run

Because he had a gun

Because he stole some cigars

now what's done is done"

But when will this stop?

It goes back to Emmett Till

Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown

We see the violence still

More bodies are on the ground

We shouldn't feel as if we

are a hashtag,

Four killings in one week

That should have been a red flag

A red flag that this needs to end

That we should be there for each other

as an ally, as a friend

My heart goes out to those

who have loved and who have lost

And I will stand with you

no matter what the cost.


This poem is about: 
My country


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