We had a voice, a dream, something to say 

But the white people took that all away 

Chains broken only to be put back together again 

We had a love like no other 

And found strength in one another 

Dreams we had, hope we did and believed we dared 

We had our own rights 

But the white people took those away 

It was all real, it wasn't make believe

It's time for us to get out there, roll up our sleeves 

How long are we supposed to pretend 

that we're okay with what is happening? 

The white people stripped us of everything 

they could get their hands on 

Now they're trying to take from us again 

And we're expected to just let them win? 

What will we say to our future kin

when they ask us why we chose not to defend? 

Will we tell them how it all began and why we're still stuck there? 

Or will we be able to tell them how it came to an end 

All because we didn't pretend? 

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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