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"Turning to a new page in my almost filled thought book for a topic that needs the room. This is only page 2016. Our world is ending. Not due to a Tsunami, Volcanic eruption, or a earthquake possessing a large magnitude buy to policeman who we've trusted to protect us. Kinda feel like The Hunger Games is a true prediction to me. The capital or government are making the cost of living and education opportunities so foreign it looks so impossible to survive. It looks like government assistance is the only or last resort but that's false. Are they angry with us for being innocent? Are they trying to scare us so we don't fight? 4 innocent black men killed 48 hours? I think somebody somewhere is celebrating. Somebody with the same emotionless face as the mother of the innocent black boy who was just shot by his protection. There's not even love in the world anymore and if there is it is hard to find. Where we pass up opportunities to feed hungry children and homeless individuals. Where we rather put an expensive shoe on our feet than make a difference. Where we rather "selfie" with a homeless person but not actually help. Men are not the same. Convincing women that love is having nice features and not caring about anything. Young women are being blinded by false respect. Falling under an umbrella of darkness. If men didn't like ass or titties do you think strip clubs would be so wealthy? Do you think women would show ass or titties? I never imagined I'd see the day when women would have to be afraid when their own gifts leave the house everyday. A world full of lying and mistrust I feel can not be fixed." -Ashlee Jackson
#BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForBlackBoys

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