I Am....

I am BLACK '

I speak BLACK 

I preach BLACK 


For under inevitable circumstances things take a turn for the worse 

Why ?

Because I am BLACK

My son whom has yet to be concieved, will never be believed In 

Because He too will be BLACK 

His momma will wear her worries on her shoulder 

His pappy will tell him he'll understand when he's older 

Because I am BLACK 

I will work extra harder

Push alittle further 

Make a little less

Work until I'm stressed 

But through it all...

Will say I'm BLESSED

Why ?

Because The shackles I've worn in my past life represent my journey 

The scars upon my heart will represent my strength 

The marches that were led before me will represent the progress

The ancestry will remind me of the struggle 

I shall never forget that I'm BLACK 

I wear it on my body 

I am Black 

I am Black 



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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