Faux Accusation (Police Brutality)

We go to school for about twelve years, but we have issues on the way to success.

As we get older, the environment becomes more dangerous.

The police become sinister and begin to destroy how God made us.

They say we're the suspects when they made us a victim.

Now how can I get through school when I'm not protected by the law either?


I'm working harder than ever, but the cops still think I'm a lazy nigger.

They don't know how many sleepless nights I go through to understand math

Or finish an assignment that is fifty percent of my grade.

How can I be calm an excited when my heart drops when I hear a siren.

Am I the next victim?


I can't walk around without them thinking that I'm going to rob a store or about to attack.

My mind set is pressured and all out of whack.

I'm trying, I'm striving, I'm going to be successful.

No one can stop me, I have a goal.

My dreams are big and I see the light, but who's in the corner lurking to the right?


Those years of studying have finally paid through until a cold barrel is pressed against my chest

My heart drops and my eyes twitch

All I have is some school books and a pen

"She's got a gun!" he screams and the bullets come flying through the screen.

She was innocent, but does that mean anything?


Years and years to come trying to fight justice like Martin.

The killer is free and the family's still fussing.

They cry all night and want justice for some joy, but it's impossible when they say that she's the suspect.

It's all on video and they refuse to use the evidence

It went viral though... Isn't that enough evidence?


This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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