Rise Up

Young blood spilled on harsh ground

Anguished cries of a hurting mother and father

A surgeon’s plea for a steady hand as she

Questions why a babe was shot tonight

This world has always been cruel but it now seems

To be intent on squashing what good that is

In this world forever

For not all is lost, if you look deeply into

The eyes of the victim’s families you will

See a message from God:


“Rise up oh church! Let your voice be heard

Let your war cry sound all over the world

Do not cower down if fear but rise up and take

A stand against this injustice!

Let not the innocent blood that has been spilled

Be for not

Stand on the word I have given you and fight

Fight against the oppression crippling this world

Go into your war room and take back your life,

Your children’s lives, and all the lives of my people


This world is dying and my time to receive

You is drawing nye

Till then, you must not  allow Satan

To trick you into believing all is lost

You must rise off your seats of despair and

Fight the good fight

Know I am always by your side and hold on

A little while longer my children, for everything will

Be alright.”


Church, the message is clear…

We must  rise up and hold our ground

Let us not be moved but stand side-by-side

As one people and one faith

Rise up oh church! Rise up...


This poem is about: 
Our world


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