Unspoken word

When God says, “It’s time” it’s time.But the world was not ready for Trayvon’s cries and bloody eyes, as bullets struck his 17-year-old spine.Blood gurgling from his lungs as he yells for help But no one was to be found.Soon the nation roared with sounds of his nameHe went to fame as he rotted in a graveLife taken away from a Zimmerman who beat the case.While the USA has been open in a blaze of fire that would soon die out Until another black boy killedThe nation stuck at a standstill while minds travel back to Emmit Till, another young one gone too soonMothers scourned and brothers mourned the death of Michael Brown.Which literally started fires in his townFerguson stood 10 toes down, ready for war crowds of black lives screaming, “I matter.”But do we matter in the eyes of Darren Wilson, who killed Mike Brown for no reason.  Officer acquit while the city split in two: black against blue enemy forces vs those who are fighting for what's true- and just who can we trust when America tells African- American we just aren't good enough and aren't qualified to live a life that's worth living give me liberty or give me death 9/10 times death is what's given while Eric Garner screams out "I can't breathe" cops don't care they're just working towards a pension he keeps screaming but the cops don't listen they're just yelling out stop resisting how about stop killing. Stop the killing we are at war with our own government they talk about gangs but what about the Democrips and Rebloodicans. History repeats itself and here we go again from Rodney King to Sean bell America is set up to make black lives a living hell they wonder why so many African- Americans hate 12 because they teach us to hate ourselves tells us the only way out is shooting a ball through a hoop no wishing wells for our youth even when we wish they do their best to make sure those dreams don't come true but this is to the boys in blue karma happens to everyone including you next time think before you shoot you could be killing off a root to the most powerful fruit this world has ever known Freddy or Sean could've had the cure for cancer in their own home. But you made God call them home. Another black life gone. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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