I am Melanin

I am Melanin


Got melanin?

I do, and why is that such a bad thing?

My hair is kinky; my nose is big.

I no longer wish to wear extensions,

nor do I wish to continue to contour my nose to make its width equivalent to that of a twig’s.


Got melanin?

I do, and it’s not a bad thing at all.

My hips are wide, and I have a huge butt.

I was once ridiculed for it, but now it’s a piece of anatomy that’s glorified,

and most women who desire one are willing to go under the knife and get cut.


Got melanin?

I do; so what?

My name is Eddisha, and it’s not a name you hear every day.

However, I embrace it in all of its uniqueness, and I refuse to go by another on a resume.


Got melanin?

I do, and I love it!

I have beautiful, deep brown skin, and full lips.

I had to learn to appreciate my features in a world that

told me dark was ugly and light was hip.


Got melanin?

I do, and I’m proud!

Yes my hair is kinky—it’s crazy, sexy, and wild!

Duhh! I know my nose is big—it’s one of the many beautiful features on my face.

Oh, and I’m sure you noticed, but yes I have a huge butt.

I like to consider it a blessing rather than a disgrace.

Yeah, I’m Eddisha; cool name right?

I love my name like a fashionista loves her favorite pair of stilettos.

Even though, Raven Symone wouldn’t hire me because to her my name would sound “ghetto”.

My skin is chocolate, and I have a nice pair of kissers.

I no longer care if you stare at me, and I ignore your obvious whispers.


I have melanin, and it’s so beautiful!

I couldn’t imagine being a color more suitable! 

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