My Black Is Beautiful HAIKUS


“X Marked The Rocks”

The X in excellence seals your footsteps.

Stones trustworthy acts of strength.

The “King” was Our Shepard

Crown thee majesty honoring such grace.

Guide us oh mighty leader!

Parks Meant To Park

Rise open green pastures on the grassland

Botanical gardens stand.

Panthers Walk on Twos

The eye of the tiger awakens from heat.

Stroll down pairs of foundation.

The Klain Is Never Switched

Nature births replaceable legacy.

Under no circumstances.

Ropes, Chains, and Batons Are Allies

Unleashing from chains, listen as they fall.

Now links a stick of friendship.

Hoses Tear Skin

Cracked lines rupture an imperfection’s wash

Remove the hurt from my coat.


The Church Had No Solace for Four

Come house of worship which gives condolence.

For the sake of empty times.

Soon We Will Be Done….

Unanticipated expectation.

Ready for the final end.

The Battle Is Not Yours

War encounters clashing face of the Earth.

Attack one’s own controversy

 The Civil Was Signed

As a nation respect society.

Marks an endorsed existence.

Does Being Black Mean

Negros serve virtuous reality.

With fierce character essence.

The Fountains Are Like Flint

Beginning inspirations cascade spring.

Delight in unseen pleasures.

Miles Was the Selective Campaign

On the pathway to greatness miles ahead.

Discriminating struggle.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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