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My beautiful love, You inspire me. You guide me and ride evry tide with me. I am blessed to have met you to experince the depth of your love. A love that endures throguh the darkness you leave your mark on my heart.
"I don't get you. You are like an enigma." He said.  she replied, "I would agree, its really not hard to be an enigma.  It's easy. I just be myself- without really knowing who that is.
Eyes of beauty captivate my mind/ a bond so perfect I never thought I'd find. I love to hear your voice everyday / to be by you o what I wouldn't pay.
Looking into those big brown eyes, literally melts my heartIt's crazy how much I truly loved you from the very startSomehow being with you I finally felt wholeAnd from the 1st day I knew I loved you with all of my heart, mind, body, and soulI trie
November 18th 2018 was the day I finally decided I'd give my heart away I seen a future with you from the very start Like a thief in the night you completely stole my heart Things got serious so I had too run away
Love is chocolates and flowers. True love is roses, compromise and forgiveness. It is like the 'Q' tiled letter on a game of scrabble,
Prologue:   Beauty was never something I set out to find; It was simply thrust upon me. Without regard to who I really am inside,
 (Title) True Love (By) YO'LOO (Real Name) Yolanda Alfred     You can't buy true love at the mall or at any store & It wont allow you to.   It wont even open up the door close to you.   You can't buy true love period, why?
There's a darkness in my veins, I hadn't noticed before. as I stare at my hands, I feel so lost, unsure. I must have stared for hours, for when I did look up. I saw the dark before me.
There exists a theory in which there is an infinite number of universes, all existing simultaneously; That means an infinite number of you's and I's. 
To love is to share life together, to build special plans just for two, to work side by side, and then smile with pride, as one by one, dreams all come true.
Forever in my mind Forever you is mine I remember when I met you Damn you really caught my eye I was standing there stuck as fuck
Hazel eyes. Blue skies. Many looks. "Got any books?" I'd travel many miles, To be with you. Sit and wait. Sanity still at stake. Lost for you. So, so lost for you.  
Dear Love,
How can the one who makes my heart flutter Turn his table, and my whole world, in one FOUL swoop?  You make my stars shine,  but baby right now my heart is falling out of my chest; 
From the moment I walked in my first day, I was on the verge of "I love you." You told me I was rare, an old soul, I didn't know then, but my life was about to change as a whole.  
Healthy is to feel good,To be mentally, physically And emotionally stable A Relationship is a bond between two people Two people who share similar feelings towards each other A relationship offers trust, honesty and respect A healthy relationship
“Love” is a powerful word so full of intense emotion and desperate desires. “Love” can mend or break you, healing wounds of the past
It seems as if no time ever passes by When I stare longingly into your eyes. Because I love you, you will be the only one Until the moon loses luster, and life on Earth is done.  
Because I Love You   “Because I love you” Is a beautiful phrase It means more than life And it should never be used in vain   “Because I love you” Should never be said
#BecauseILoveYou It’s cool and early in the morning And the sun is peeking over the horizon I slip on my shoes And skip down the front steps
There's nothing better than feeling your hand in mine The warmth of your body creating massive heat against mine Getting quiet and hearing your heart beat next to mine Still getting nervous when we go out
About her, an air of mystery I feel I must pursue; Besides my own sake, It is my duty To convince her That my every word Is true
Wow, he walks in the door,  My heart flutters as he give me our daily kiss,  He smells like safety and security,  His smell is one of the things I love most about him,  He has no idea how much I love him, 
I made a promiselong agoin the riveras we rowed.I said to youI'd never cryand crossed my heartand hoped to die....We got olderas all do,and distance spread
They say I'm the strong one because when we hold hands I cradle yours softly. I'm the strong one because I defend you, because I check your wounds and bandage thick cuts from work. They call me a flame, wild and free and fierce.
A Healthy Relationship: Us A healthy relationship is a relationship with Commitment Confidence Compassion  
I hurt you. I was not fair to you. I let you down and I did not think twice. Did I mean it? Was it intentional? Did I want to cause you all that hurt?
What is this Love that I feel? Do I love the way he touches me? do I love the things he does to me? yes and no. i love the way he places gentle kisses upon my lips
When we fell together my heart was full of hope. Butterflies then Autumn leaves swirling around us was all I could see. Because I love you, I want you to know the real me.
I have some errands I need to run Not too exciting But if you come You will make it fun   Yes my love, do what you need to do I am your helpmate Here to assist Because I love you  
When we are young, we tend to believe Everything that people tell us. We do not form a sense of understanding; We let people let us
You were there and then you weren't.Its like I felt this coming.Like its what I was waiting for.And it hurts. More than you could ever imagine. You call it a break.
Before, I was in love with a boy He kissed me when he wanted And reminded me how beautiful I was “Because I love you,” he would tell me
Because I love you, I will feed your soul. Because I love you, I want to know every little thing about you.  Because I love you, I will put your needs before mine. I will cry with you,  I will laugh with you, 
Because you love me, You will find comfort in my arms When the world outside shifts to dark.   I will kiss open your sealed eyes When this earth becomes too vast for you to hold
True love is always eternal There must be mutual respect True love is not just exturnal You I shall never neglect I promise to always be loyal I see your internal beauty
The essence of love has a funny aroma to it. It sticks to the air in which it is breathed out and it is sucked back in the lungs. The essence of love has a gripping smell. 
I know you love me when you're here when I need you. I know you love me the way you say, "I love you, too" I know you love when you forgot my past. I know you love me when you tell me we'll last.
Once upon a time There was a princess. And then one day  she finds her prince in an instance. And in the end they both live Happily Ever After.   There goes a beautiful fairytale.
  How could skin so white— Become so red with irritability— How could a face so flush— Be filled again with sensibility?   With adoration prescribed you— And a melted chocolate heart—
Another day , another night saw your eyes it was love at first sight, i need your love i need your time, cause when everything seems to be wrong you make it right, my lover, my life.  
"She is not the one". Words, like swords cut people deep. Her love died, bleeding.
A boy, shy and reserved, neither liked by anyone nor loved. An orphan by birth he was, Eyes depicted helplessness, loneliness was the cause.
In the dawn of the morning lightTheir eyes glance up, hold fast, and meet.She floods his senses, fills his sight.
Define it as you think I see in 1 John 3:16 I hear it on calvary For cursed was the man upon the tree This then is my cry: To love is to die. This then is my thought thereof
Passionately I absorb you. Longingly I gasp for you. Persistently I kiss you. Your tides are cold when they enter my maw. And my heart is warm when you course in my blood.
Somewhere down the road we took a wrong turnWe became curious of our Cheshire cat smilesand we fell down the rabbit holeWe got lost in each other's world of fantasy and illusions
   When we first met it was love at first sight. The springy days of March made us become tight The moments he's gone , I wish he's here just to see his smiling face is what makes everything seem so clear
Once upon a time… We had a fairytale princess I say “had” because this fairytale has a twist.
Love always leads to disappointment.   I’m crazy for you   Everyone can see that, but you   I love your voice   Love your smile  
I want to be consumed by the things your mouth doesn't speak of.
Love what a joke, love what a sham, love is a dream that is always damned.   save for the lies and deceit; love is a bitch that will always cheat.   She needs no mask for the things she does
"She said this is the world now"   'Twas all but a year ago, The sky was dark, cold and silent. Once there was nothing, No light, no color, no emotions, I had no emotions.  
This thing called love isn’t just a word, But it’s far from being absurd. Love is a feeling that is true, But with who? Although it can be possibly anyone, For me it is only one.
<3   You could see it in their eyes. They weren't quite friends anymore. The way she smiled for him, friends don't smile like that.   The way he puts his hands on her back,
I am a woman.
I am bound to you. Every moment spend together, Makes my love even better. The littlest things you do, Proves to me that our love is truly true. My eyes no longer get wetter,
I gawked at the man give her his last breath and I froze.  I had never seen such kindness given to death, in black and white.  Hope flourished where it died and my feet stood their ground.  I was never meant to see this. 
She never knew she could love, and love so very deep. She had a dream one night, when she was in REM sleep.   She saw herself in-love, with a guy that was so great.
Trembling limbs, deep breaths, trying to stay calm. Warm lips;  wandering hands, clothes slip down to the floor. My soft voice asks the question; his, surprised, answers.
When you go to sleep and wake up with im on your mind, When you want him with you all of the time, When you can't stop seeing his face, You know he's in that special place.  
Rainbows and butterflies, Endless laughter, that’s You and me   Although we fight at times, Neither of us gave up. Oh we’re Delightfully in love!   All that matter is what we have
We are stuck in time, in a room alone.
Held in place by the light, we die happily, Wise in our time. The solid light suspends us, upends our minds
He first saw her from across the room and he knew in that moment he would be her groom with butterflies in his stomach he drew near but had no clue she too felt an exciting yet nervous fear
Though the sand may be washed by the sea, and the old will be lost in the new, well four will not wait for three, for three never waited for two, and though you will not wait for me
(I wrote this in a comment to someone, but it is for you too, dear reader.)   All the world was dark  Before the beginging Alone and stark He began singing A world into being
My true happiness  is my love for you my true happiness is that you exist, Beautiful
Each moment completely whole   Each breath cherished   Each touch filled with joy    Each kiss remembered   Each smile because you're here
I hope to meet my soulmate soon. I hope he is perfect in every way for me. I hope he is openminded, funny, respectful and kind. I hope he will give me foot massages and cuddle with me on cold nights.
  I can't see a world with out you , But then again I can't see  I'm blinded by your love, my insecurities. 
The Moon
Is it wro
I love you because of how you make me feelWith you I feel as though everything is possibleAround you my heart has a tuneIt doesn't just beat but it composes to your musicYour voice is wonderful and peaceful
there was a moment  a weak, broken moment  where I wanted us to end  not because I didn't love you  not because you weren't exactly what I needed  not because I wasn't happy 
I look over my shoulder And there he stands, My face turns red And I can't feel my hands. My stomach flips And the butterflies zoom, The lights go out We're alone in the room.
I don't know who you are Or where you are But one day our eyes will meet And in that moment, nothing else will matter Because we will know that it was meant to be
We are made of star stuff Sagan told me that. He taught me that I’m ancient And am new.   God taught me magic lived And breathed and died. He taught me that the sky
A touch, a violation, a scream, unsafe, even though it is over. Never the same, cannot be undone. No hope.   Suddenly, a light, a ray of Sonshine, new consciousness springs up from the once barren ground.
The words "I love you" is something easy to say, Everyone would like to hear it, including me and you, Anybody can say it at any time of day, Eventually, our proof of True Love comes on the day we say "I Do",
Eternally An origianl poem by Catelin Haight   When I read your palms I can see
Gun shots ringAs flesh wounds sting
Everything is passive, it's temporary The world is so worried about the weight that it just doesn't carry Think about a purpose, it just there Yet if anybody misses out then life just isn't fair
Oh how strong is the love I have for the. You make
I wrote on your heart, wrote on your songs, wrote out my misery all along. Too blind to see, were meant to be, or am i mistaken for imaginary catastrophed destiny? I thought you were different,
You’re hot You’re charming, You got looks like no other; Everyone can see that.   Your smile melts ice Your eyes captivate all, You got looks like no other; Everyone can see that.
  You saw what no one else saw. You saw a person with heart. A person…above all. Red flag this, red flag that. You ignored it all. Now I watch you every day and every night, with loving eyes.
I stumbled upon you by pure coincidence,yet, I believe in that momnet you devoured my soul.You were the answer to all of my hopes and prayers,another half to make my heart whole.
Look! Can you not measure his beauty without comparison? Is there anything more true than what is looking you in the eye? I write for my beloved, and myself. That is the only purpose.
Setting myself free might of been the answer to my conflicted mind sunsets ago, but somehow I forgot that freedom comes with a price.
I deserve a man Who accepts me as I am Sees past my flaws And reminds me that I can I deserve a man Who will treat me right And even though we may fight He will be there day and night
you took an eraser to my heart and now all that's left are the words you painted with every sweet sentence. 
A lonely path I walk along Waiting for the one to take me home To hold my hand and smile sideways To brighten up my darkest sad days To keep me guessing with sweet surprises
In retrospect, kissing her was not the smartest thing I could have done. it was probably, (and I mean Probably in its severest form) was the worst thing I could have done all summer,
Burritos deliver satisfaction to my tummy The ones from Taco Bell are super yummy The tortillas made of flour I can eat them every hour  With your beans, rice, sour cream and cheese
He was mine And they took him away. They’ve already forgotten about me, About him. A flash of army green A spark of fire The sizzle of sand He was gone, They took him to a place of war
   This love, that's breaking me down. The names i've been called, the hurtful things you say.      This love, the one haunting me. Why can't i just let you go? Erase you from my memory.
  Around here, we love ourselves first. We cover our faces. We talk about tomorrow like it belongs to us. Around here, we ask what we should like.
Perhaps I will purchase new glassesAnd frame my darkened lamps anewAnd auspiciously. Here I might beseech,Behold, and betoken another looking-glass self;Here enkindle and focus new knowledge
"Just come to me my dear, and you will have no fear." She walks alone through school; no one seems to think she's cool. There's something about her that makes my dead heart stir.
Love is when you feel something special for someone. When they become the only person that catches your attention all the time. That steals your focus when ever they are around.  
Your relize time fly's, When yesterday was the time of our lives, Now today we cant say the words we're thinkiing Now years have gone bye, And some way we're connected ourself's completely,
I was searching for something,  But I didn't know what! Then I got tired of searching,  And fell into a rut.   The pain was unbearable, I couldn't stand it anymore,
Love doesn't come with directions, it's never quite the same Sometimes it leaves you broken up, or changes your last name One look, one touch, one smile could really change it all 
There was darkness for a long time.People were scared, sad and broken.No hope.No light.…no love to be given without heart ache to follow.
I miss the stones That used to tap on my window To wake me up And sneak out with my people I would softly laugh As I climbed down the wall To greet you with open arms But now you are gone
You never took the time to see how i felt,  You simply did instead of do. I was hurt , Heartbroken and unheard  and now im all alone. Helpless, Defenseless and Aching .  
  Like the sound of silence calling, I hear your voice aloud and suddenly, I feel I'm falling, lost in a dream.   You were everything to me, The air that I breathe,
I feel like a stranger in a familiar place. So, out of place my heart races as I walk through the door. I stand quiet in a corner waiting for my mind to comprehend all that was going on.
You know it's true when you only have reasons to smile around them,  or when your thoughts are flooded with their words and actions, your smile just sticks around for once.
When it comes to my feelings,  My heart beats only for you. This is a simple way I know,  The love we share is true.   Your smile, your laugh, and your gentle touch,
On April 26th, 1990 God blessed the world with a newborn baby girl. With the love and guidance of her parents, she would develop and bloom into a wise and graceful woman. Little did she know of the journey that lay before her.
I've known you for a long time I was yours and you were mine Deep in our hearts Our lips didn't have to part I had your back and you had mine I fell and you caught me, time after time
Young and fragile Tragedy strikes at a young age A girl faces a loss that she'll never forget He is gone once and for all   The "I love yous" And “sorrys” mean nothing now He left her alone
this is for the broken hearted.. i know you feel empty, betrayed, and no happiness at all. you don’t want to laugh because you know it’s not gonna help and you don’t wanna cry because you know it’ll only make you feel worse.
Even though I've run it through my mind over and over again I find it damn near impossible to ignore the way I feel within There's the girl I love it's weird because I can't shake the feeling
Sometimes certain situations are just so hard to deal with, other situations are easy, but the hard ones teach you a lesson in life, weather its for the worst or the better.
I often look to the yellow lillies in the garden on campus Friends pass me and time shifts Is it not the success that people want? Or perhaps it's the driven motive in which we attempt to strive Unjust it truly is,
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The worst thing about myself is that I’m too goddamn impatient. Though I’m not alone because I was born and raised in this nation where waiting on anything from the internet to a Starbucks coffee
I don't know what being in love is like, But some say it's easier than riding a bike. I have a few ideas of what it could be, And I hope one day it could happen to me. Some people say true love is blind,
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