White on Red

Fri, 03/10/2017 - 23:01 -- DeBrock


How could skin so white—

Become so red with irritability—

How could a face so flush—

Be filled again with sensibility?


With adoration prescribed you—

And a melted chocolate heart—

The sound will begin, and the night will end—

And an actress will play her part.


It does not mean a thing to say—

I liked you better that way—

When you were in a more natural state—

Untainted by the world.


Now you have gone off my child—

Wandered far from my loving arms—

By the world, you have been beguiled—

They will but cause you harm.


Love me, oh just love me,

Cannot you see that I love you?

They hung me right up on a tree,

Now you know my love is true.


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Our world
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Jan Wienen

So true ...

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