Escaping The Maze


Gun shots ring
As flesh wounds sting
Trapped in this world 
So desperation it brings
Singing at the sky
At night just to pass the time
Those lonely nights seem never ending 
But my spirit will never die
No tear will spill from my eye
My pride is all I have left 
All that has survived
Every other dream crushed
That's why I rush
I'm out of options
This must be my only way out
So I push
Struggling to muster enough strength
But I still give thanks for the things I was given
I was forgiven
I was driven to be the best
And now that is my mission
Eternally stuck in submission
In this mental prison of invisible bars
Meditating in space surrounded by stars
Elevating my power
Minutes turn in to hours
Hours turn into days
But I remain un phased
No longer lost in this maze


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