"Because I Love you"

Because I Love You


“Because I love you”

Is a beautiful phrase

It means more than life

And it should never be used in vain


“Because I love you”

Should never be said

To change or force someone

To do whatever you said


“Because I love you”

I will never force you

To do anything you don’t want to

And that will never change


“Because I love you”

I will never change you

You’re perfect to me

And I will always love you


“Because I love you”

Is a phrase I will only say

When I truly mean it

And that feeling won’t go away


“Because I love you”

I promise to be fair

To keep you safe

And always be honest


“Because I love you”

I will treat you right

You deserve the best

A compassion that will last


“Because I love you”

Has been shown to me throughout my life

And I will do what I can

To show that same love to you


“Because I love you”

You changed my world

You made the difference

That no one else could


“Because I love you”

I want this to last

Forever and ever

Even after death has passed


“Because I love you”

In Heaven or Hell

Wherever we are

We will be together


“Because I loved you”

And you loved me

We made it through everything

And that love we had will always last

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My family
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