I Deserve a Man

I deserve a man

Who accepts me as I am

Sees past my flaws

And reminds me that I can

I deserve a man

Who will treat me right

And even though we may fight

He will be there day and night

A man who cheers me on in all that I do

A man who shows that his love is true

No one is perfect, and my man sure won't be 

He just has to show the passion, admiration, and love that he has for me

I deserve a man

One that won't cheat

A man that doesn't flirt with every girl he meets

I deserve a man

Every woman wants love

A love like no other

One who seems to be sent from above

He calls her beautiful instead of sexy,

Cherishes her for her flaws and all,

Reminds her how lucky he is to have her,

And would never let her fall

Ooo baby,  I deserve a man


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