Forms of Love

Thu, 10/12/2017 - 21:29 -- hoachy

Before, I was in love with a boy

He kissed me when he wanted

And reminded me how beautiful I was

“Because I love you,” he would tell me

He made me choose between him or my friends

And cut his wrists every time I wanted to leave him

“Because I love you,” he would tell me


Before, I loved my best friend

She always lended me a shoulder to cry on

And built me up when I did

“Because I love you,” she would tell me

She knew everything about me

And used it all to tear me down

“Because I love you,” she would tell me


Before, I hated my parents

They never listened to me

And never trusted me when they did listen

“Because I love you,” they would never tell me

They won’t ever be able to understand

And I became content with this

“Because I love you,” they would never tell me


Now, I am with the love of my life

He supports my self-motivations

And takes care of me when I feel weak

“Because I care about you,” he tells me

He helped me learn how to love myself

And those around me as well

“Because you deserve it,” he tells me


Now, I know what it’s like to have a best friend

She yells at me when I am unreasonable

And hugs me when I need it

“Because I know you aren't perfect,” she tells me

She reminds me that I am important

And builds my confidence up

“Because you are special,” she tells me


Now, I can't believe I took my parents for granted

They moved the family to America all on hope

And that hope was for a better life

“Because you’re worth it,” they would tell me

They built me a strong foundation

And I know they don’t ever need to say

“Because I love you,”

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My family
My community
Our world
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