The Moon


The Moon

By Marisa Rangel


I close my eyes as you close yours

And feel my way under the covers

I don't need to see. I can feel what you feel.

I see what you see and I know that it's real.

Everything dark except for the moon

Shinning its light upon the room

Everything still. I look in your eyes

No words emerge. Just a silent cry

Tears pouring down.

Slow. Down.

Nothing else matters except this right now.

A soft voice, a slow beginning

I love you has a deeper meaning

This is love. Your lips against mine

I don't wanna stop. I wanna slow down time.

As time slows down my heart speeds up

Run your fingers through my hair, I don't want to stop.

But it does.

And so do I.

Suddenly, quietly

The moon passes by.






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