Who I Am For You

I have some errands I need to run

Not too exciting

But if you come

You will make it fun


Yes my love, do what you need to do

I am your helpmate

Here to assist

Because I love you


Today I’m not feeling like myself

I am feeling low

It’s not your fault

Or anyone else


Cheer up my dear, try not to feel blue

I am your best friend

Here to comfort

Because I love you


I have many goals set in my life

I hope that’s okay

My dreams are big

More than just a wife


Your success is my success, its true

I am your supporter

Here to applaud

Because I love you


Today someone told me I looked good

He is just a friend

Not to worry

All is understood


            I know your heart, and can see it’s true

            I am your confidant

            Here to trust

            Because I love you

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