Four seasons apartments
United States

He first saw her from across the room

and he knew in that moment he would be her groom

with butterflies in his stomach he drew near

but had no clue she too felt an exciting yet nervous fear

In no time at all they were madly in love with each other 

the were married and later became a father and mother

their love continued to grow over time

and 60 years passed from the encounter of prime

their love was strong like an immovable rock

as they still held hands on their daily walk

they were old and grey but nonetheless firm in stance

he always knew he would be her groom from the very first glance

however, as life goes when you're old the time came to part

Leaving the old man with an unshakeable void in his heart

he continued to go on his daily walk

but it was never the same without whom to talk

he thought of her unceasingly every day

oh how he wished she had stayed

that night as he prepared for bed he thought in his mind

how he wished he could see her just one more time

as he fell asleep he had no pains or aches

but the next morning he just simply did not wake

and now with the old man sitting up above

there is no doubt his cause of death was love.





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