November 18th 2018 was the day
I finally decided I'd give my heart away
I seen a future with you from the very start
Like a thief in the night you completely stole my heart
Things got serious so I had too run away
Because I knew from my past, you wasn't gonna stay
Even though I truly loved you, I knew what I had to do
Because once you found out my past, you wouldn't want to to stay too
I pushed and I pushed but you refused to let me go
You promised to ALWAYS love me with all your heart and soul
I finally told you about the life that I had
You promised to protect me through the good and the bad
I couldn't believe you'd still love me and truly stick around
But you proved me wrong and I'm finally "TRUE LOVE" bound
My husband, My king always by my side
Without you baby I know I could have died
I love you baby more than words could ever explain
Thank you for truly takin away all my fear and pain

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