Sagan and Savior and Star Stuff

We are made of star stuff

Sagan told me that.

He taught me that I’m ancient

And am new.


God taught me magic lived

And breathed and died.

He taught me that the sky

Is a well of ancient knowledge

And a well of age-old knowledge

Isn’t  a thing you pass by easily.


Sagan told me that

Something incredible was just

Waiting, waiting, waiting

To be known.


God taught me that wonder

Is a thing you find through searching,

And that once you know it,

It never leaves you.


Sagan told me

“billions and billions”

And I know just what it meant

To me when he said that.


God told me that

There were things he didn’t tell me

Because he wanted to show me,

And he wanted me to use the brain he gave me.

He told me that magic is just science.

Who would have believed in the Internet

In the Dark Ages?

Not I.

The Internet is magical.


Sagan told me to forget about Jesus,

Because the stars themselves gave up their lives

To be humans.

I told him that the stars that died for us

Were crafted and created by a God

Who died so that the humans that he

Made out of star stuff

Could live forever in a land without pain

After their star stuff moved on.

All you have to say is yes.


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