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What is trust?
iHard choices are carved daily  Nothing feels their chill or heat  as their creators, creativity, and consequences. Years and years, by their charm 
Now The Choices You Make Can DECIDE Your Fate... !!! But It Seems That Some Voices Believe There Are Factors... OUTSIDE of Our Choices That Also DO MATTER In Things That Then Happen...
I Was Told Yesterday..... That CERTAIN Things WILL NEVER Change... !!!!! Well I Guess That Is TRUE From CERTAIN Points of View... Like Saying Girls Will Get LOOSE For These OLD WEALTHY Dudes... !!!
Ya Know It's REALLY A Challenge To Stay Focused And Balanced.... When It Comes To Life Matters That Fracture And BATTER ... Your Life Til It SHATTERS And Corrupts The Data That FILLS Your Life's Chapters...
Ya Know It's REALLY A Challenge To Stay Focused And Balanced.... When It Comes To Life Matters That Fracture and BATTER... Your Life Til It SHATTERS And Corrupts The Data That FILLS Your Life's Chapters...
Is it ... Coincidental ... ? That SELL Is A Word That Rhymes With HELL ... !?! Or ... Consequential ... With Joining Herds Who Forever Dwell ... Down Below Cos' Their Price Was Low ....
I DON’T INDULGE In Black Ways Or INDULGE In... White Ways... I Just TRY TO Maintain Doing Things The RIGHT Way... !!! But Let Me Make PLAIN What It Is That I’m Saying... !!! What's RIGHT FOR ME Is RIGHT FOR... ME... !!!!!
So For Whom Will The BELL REALLY TOLL … ?!? Online TROLLS Whose Comments Go Up Peoples' Nose …. !?!
Keep your ears open, listen to your first mind. 9 times out of 10 you'll be right everytime. There's no purpose in starting a fight about what's wrong or right. Like always, the truth will always find it's way to the light.
Ya Know I Try To STICK To Movements... That Make Me MAKE IMPROVEMENTS To Things That I Be Doing... !!!
" So What Makes You Tick "... ??? For Some It's Simply... Being FIT... And Living Life To RAISE Their Kids... But Some Live Life To Hurt Their Kin... ?!? And Follow Paths That Lead To SINS... !!!!
I begged you for forgiveness But you sat on your throne a laughed I know you gave me my time with him like I asked you too You gave me his love so you could watch me As you took it all away from me forever
For days, I sat down wanting to writeFor days, I made excuses as to why I wasn'tFor days, I put my life on hold over petty reasonsBut I guess it's timeTime to write on whatever surface I get
Ya Know I Quite Enjoyed ... " Drag Me To Hell " ... !!! That Flicks' Quite SICK ... !!! In How It Toys With Thoughts That Dwell ... Inside Us All About PITFALLS ... !!!
I Now Use PRECISION When Making ... " Decisions " ... Thus AVOIDING Collisions With Places Like ... " Prison " ... !!! My Form of Conviction Informs My Decisions ... I Sit Back And Listen To Those Who Spread WISDOM ...
Choices can be goodIt can be positive It can be inspirationalIt can change you're lifeYou have that decision  Choices can be badIt can be negative It can be inspirationalIt can change you're lifeYou have that decision  Choices are choices You make
Balance I go to the city to gain the knowledge and grab the tools. I deepen my practice and learn the rules.   In the city is where the people are.  Where the jobs are, 
Here we are You across from me You’re back is all that I see And she’s holding the trophy   The mistakes I have made are my own
There were those who lit candles a fine method, if the room you’re illuminating has something inside worth seeing. The families in line pictured great dinners
I think I realized I wasn’t a kid anymore when Everything changed. I don’t really remember…   Did I wake up one morning and it was all different
At least once in your lifetime you have or had a duty Because someone else depended on the deed
Black or white Red or Blue Left or right Right or wrong Good or evil Truth or Lie
It was the Thanksgiving of last year   I was with family and peers.   When my uncle came up to me and asked,   "Have you decided on your college yet?"  
You sap my life of joy, Rival, With those words of doubt. I love and you can't, Rival And drive affections out.
I prefer blood over tears, water to wind fire to earth I prefer hate over love, anger over saddness, song over speech I prefer old to new,   but it doesn't matter anyway,
Feeding on the images in my own contemplation, mental orgasms leading to sinfully sensual stimulation. As your body calls, my body urges, caught up in temptation, as the storm surges, so ready to release and splurge.
Do you hear the music, That once did beat from within The constant thump of the unsettled.
I’m living life in a river bed -- The path was drawn before I was born. The world is so loud and full of life, But silence cannot be hidden here.   I’m living life in a river bed --
  Poetry is a form of self-expression                                            It helps release aggression                                            It’s a way of telling a story
It follows us, mockingly Ever remembering Persistent, a most ruinous companion It’s funny, isn’t it? Our past And this little game we play
Who gets to decide? Is it you or is it I? Who gets to decide what is right?   Who can say what is?
Humans are not made without flaws They are filled with love, faith, and hope They come with feelings, determination, and selflessness   Humans are not made without flaws
Two paths diverged in a yellow wood. The right choice would've been to choose the one less followed. But now I can't see any paths. The trees have been removed. A great expanse lies before me.
Slipped down your throat until you lose the feeling in your toes and the tingle can be felt at the back of your head The last Valentines Day was the worst until you met him and now the worst comes this year
Life is always watching Creeping in the distance, waiting for your next move She gives you roads to choose from Then tricks you when you least expect it
Today is big But then again Our love is big My dear do you feel it? Did you have trouble sleeping Last night like I did? Did you feel it this morning When you woke up? How big today is-
Dear World, I made a choice, I chose a chance A chance for freedom freedom for all For immigrants, for natives For love, no hatred. Hatred is a weapon A weapon I will not use.
The girl who makes the stars explode And the boy with a mountain for a soul Oh to be the girl Loved by both Oh to be the girl
If you know what is right And make sense of the wrong, If you can stand back up after destruction But not make someone fall to their death. If you can pave a road And allow others to travel it,
My environment makes me It shapes who I am My environment makes me It shaped who I am My environment makes me It makes it hard to trust friends Saw the other side was green
Anger is a virus that takes hold of every fiber in your body It corrupts the interface of your brain and every thought Anger is so intense and sometimes becomes one’s identity
Man made of fire, Passion to fight. Arrow through his heart, Yet he refuses to die. As stubborn as the light in his eyes
Your choices are what make you If that's the case, I'm made of poor decisions and frequent fears I'm a half-hearted concotion of anxious sweat and tears I tear, gnash at the things that pull me back
Agitation sets in.   Rays of sunshine assault the roost. Orange beams awaken the cock. Obnoxious is my neighboring early bird.
We are individuals who walk on the face of this earth Making choices since the day of our birth Feeling alone trying to make friends Posting on social media and trying to start trends
Your life is only defined by a few moments The moments where you choose Left or right Your choices decide how your life plays out
Never thought I would be here on a tightrope  one side is new love the other old If I fall in the old  I have a chance to make it new again we are both damaged, perhaps it's time to revive us
theres a beautiful silence hereas eyes droop and ears mufflesomething courses throughyour body, unexpectedbut gorgeous, warmed from the inside outclosing old wounds knitting together broken hearts
Let the rain, let the shine, let the day be mine. With the showers, or the sun's powers, the day is here. A puddle here, a puddle there, splashing through the clear. A flower blooms, a leaf falls, let the day be mine.
REGRET is poison. SAFETY is the spoon we drink it from.   We ask, How do you live a full life? A life without regret?  
Pressure gets at everyone So much to get going Wheels turn fast in the mind More and more getting crammed in Spinning faster and faster Until you break And you fall Speaking out is scary
What will you do Who will you be Yesterday is gone Tomorrow seems like an eternity But so How do I make my choice Which way do I go The easy way out Rather than to stay and suffer
Greener was the ground before we walked Purer was the air before we breathed Cleaner was the the water before we swam The future is many pathways, it eludes us Our past is the memories of the people, it haunts us
Nothing stands out Numbness takes over Robotic movements Apathy bleeds in And emotions Fade away Muted and dim Somewhere In the background While a being With no face
I struggle constantly, just like everybody else. Eyeing myself in the mirror, I look plump in all of the places I shouldn't. I want to work out, but I've got other things on my list that I'd rather do.
I'm trapped here, I don't why, Is it for all my sins, I don't why, Did I kill someone? Was I arrested as a spy? I'm stuck on island, here forever, Should I give up? I say never!
Your Heart affects your Thoughts. Your Thoughts lead to Choices. They become Actions. Actions lead to Consequences. Consequences Determine Your Destiny.
Past or Future? Optimism or Pessimism? Trust or Skepticism? Right or Wrong? Why limit ourselves to a mere two choices? Why ruin ourselves with the simple? "Happy?" "Sad?" "Okay?"
To think of what I want to save When moving very far away Perhaps inside a lovely cave But I would really rather stay  
I can taste the lust in your kisses It forces your tongue just a little closer to mine than it ought to. I fear your touch but I shiver and press toward it. Am I a slut? I think this is what adultery must feel like.
The wind rushed quietly as I made my way down the backroads of my small town Picking up speed, cruising as if there was all the time in the world The sky was a lilac blanket, quiet and still
Something that I can't live without is the idea that my child knows I love her, and that I'm sorry.   I was 23, too young to be Your mother Living a life Wild and free Reckless, like any other
            Slowly, we dance our waltz, One two three, one two three, on and on, But I’m on two when you’re on one, And I know how this dance ends,             Slowly, the music builds,
When you grow up you realize the heart comes with a burdenYou will see it now how blind it was back thenThe responsibility to have your heart can only be taken on by one
You can't take the good without the badYou can't be happy without experiencing sadConstantly fighting a battle with good and evilAlways running back and forth, two sides never equal
I woke up, headaching  my mind was baking. Wondering did I come here on my own bearfeet. Trying to connect the dots, who did I meet.   By the time it took me to screw my head on right
I've been playing Russian Roulette with my future.
I will always choose the simple life. The path that winds around the fragrant lilac bushes, that meanders across  the hillside, and flows down  through the river valley.  
There are many things in life one cannot choose.  Parents, family, or even who they lose.  But how you feel when you wake up and how you live your life  Can be simpler than choosing to be man and wife.   
Every day Life deals us a hand
When the stick in your hand reads "postitive" there is an expectation from the world around you Except instead of instantly feeling maternal joy, you feel the pang of a loss.
These people be looking at me like I'm crazy Like the shit I been doing ain't the right shit maybe Maybe I'm loosing my mind I haven't been feeling right lately Like all these demons inside been tryna step out on me
See how a man contemplates,
Where does your alliance lie?Will you pledge alliegance or will you defy as I?The rebellion, hellion, deviant manical child,not willing to be spied on riding a spider wild,
Mirror Mirror, on the wall Let the pendulum swing and fall. 
Boredom is killing us.  It makes us reckless.    Veronica Russell
I’ve seen society fall apart.
It's funny how when it came down to it Everything you did made you seem like a hero Like you could change the world with your words Like you could fix a cold with your hugs
Pounding, bam, bam, bam. Slapping, bam, bam, bam. Hundreds of feet hit the cold ground a stampede of people all around Going, going, going onwards.              And why not?
Singing Bells Heaven or Hell To live or die To sin or to lie To forgive or to be forgiven How are some people afraid of liven A heart beats The new air it greets My heart pumps
In life we have many choices to make, Some simple, some more complicated. I have a choice as to how I live my life, do I live it free or do I live it controlled? Do I let my fears and problems rule my life, or do I determine where I go from here?
If life easy was not hard then attempting is not available If half of me is going insane And point five has a vision blurred You must be crazy two Thoughts of suicide are not scary
  The fight for intellect is strong and stern. This race by fire will remove those unworthy, and burn Away the bits of them that give them what they need;
Am I a Republican or a Democrat a liberal or a conservative am I for gay rights or against gay rights
The handbag is Fendi. And the jeans? From Guess. These pumps are Yves Saint Laurent. What you’re smelling is Dior. And it didn’t come cheap. I saw you looking so I thought you should know.
My depression seeps down deep within,eating my happiness, leaving me weak and thin.A monster of despair curls up deep inside,biting, clawing, scratching at my mind.  
People make this world go 'round. 
Whoa buddy Slow down Take the Turtle Road. But no, I have so many places to go. Let me hop on the freeway Breeze on through Ignore the distractions Keep your eyes on the road.
Stop pressuring me Stop telling me I better hurry Stop forcing me into a corner Stop making me choose Stop making me prepare Stop making me grow up  
Get lost in the music It's the only place you can escape society The only place you can escape society's double standards To be yourself, and to coform I can't be myself if I conform
We all have choices in life At our own free will we make our decisions In order to better ourselves and our lives I have choices But I do not make the decisions
There she was, under the bridge, beckoning me home again. Her hair like sunlight, amidst the darkness of the trees. Her milk white skin glistening in the mist. Her eyes were piercing, the temptation was strong.
You have to choose.  I can't. You have to.  But I can't. Because there are so many choices. So many paths I could take.
My future depends on How alluring I am As a combination Of a few words and numbers
Stars are shining In the great black sky Where the universes fate still lies Our future is uncertain We can’t predict the beginning or
Money There's so much of it in the world but why don't I have any of it? Why does my family struggle so much when others have money coming out of their ears? I'm stuck trying to figure out
Choices .  Thats what life's about . Choices , honestly they make you wanna shout . But after all, when you're down and out choices will  be there to help you out.
The air is thin   I could suffocate    I am alone    Rushing through the fog   I ascend    A light   
I just can't find the right one. What am I doing wrong? They say go with the money.  I say I want to go where ever my heart desires. But I have had a personal struggle with having too little.
Your like a ripple in the water- Jou just brush agents my feet before fading away Your scared to welcome it in lurk you use to- You were hurt to much in to short a time You've gone mad in grief
 Life is like winning a lottery ticket There's excitement, joy, thanks  You're so pleased with yourself  That you accomplish something new.  But then you hit a stop sign 
I feel them  The threads that bind me Like a marionette  A fancy puppet   Shiny hair Porcelain skin Glassy eyes Shakey limbs   The strings  They pull me
I am the villian of my own choices and there is no one to blame
Walk a mile in my shoes Then you’ll know what it’s like to choose Between making a life of your own and leaving the nest
I think it's kind of
Just one job may change my life
okay. I AM ALIVE I AM REAL I HAVE COLORS AND SHARP EDGES AND THOUGHTS TRAPPED INSIDE MY HEAD. I AM NOT DEAD, not dead yet. you think you can  systematically  destroy
Daisies are a friendly flower, Kathleen Kelly had it right They bring a cheer to any room They bring a certain light I wish I had some daisies here As I sit in the near-dark
A mind can do so much, Think , do, and feel every touch. We know how much good it can do, But oh how much bad it can put us through. Leads our hearts astray in sin, Tells us we need things that we don't,
I remember your green eyes,  and the way I stood on my tipytoes to kiss you, One hand on the small of my back, the other cupping my cheek. That was in your kitchen.  
Coming to this earth, wasnt my choice Me losing my mom, wasnt my choice i came in to the world with out a voice everything in my life has been set yet im still here thinking whats next
Which road to take? They both lead in different directions Left? or Right? They twist and turn along the barren ground Which would be better? Pebbles and stones decorate the sandy paths Up? or Down?
Everything all at once Or the chance to do nothing at all
At this time I'm crawling in deeper Never wished I'd left but instead Always wanted this very same thing Maybe I'll pass by my dreams Funny the way they play in my head
When someone asks me what I want to change, about a million things run through my mind. Some are small, like changing my grades or being a better daughter to keep my family happy.
I choose to be happy. I'm not gonna sit around in a slum waiting on something or someone, I will be vigilant and ready for when my time comes.   I chose to be happy I didn't cry and smash my fist,
I've discovered there are two paths to escape reality,
Since being a young boy in the hood My life has never been good Gunshots at night and standing under streetlights I told my self I shall rise If I put in hard work there should be a prize
Since being a young boy in the hood My life has never been good Gunshots at night and standing under streets lights I told my self I shall rise If i put in hard work there should be a prize
His eyes stole her heart, his laugh stole her mind. He offered her this look that promised her the world, the stars and even the moon on a silver platter.
As I turn back and say goodbye, I can't help but wonder: Is this for the best? Nevermind if I feel regret in leaving Because if it were right then I would stay.
If,   I had only awakened only to see the one I have been so desperately and passionately Been waiting to embrace, To let known as it has always seen Not as it has always been perceived
I don't know when, But I caught a glance then.   You may say it was love at first sight, But I knew it was something of a greater might.   We became friends, And I hoped it will never end.
By Taber Nelson   Overcast skies cast sheets atop the mountains While the thin flakes of snow Gently tickle the earth
I loved you both, can't you see? Loved too much You both loved me.   Differet as gold and sillver to me. alike an apart like coffe and tea.   Imperfecty perfect
I think of endless days and short nights I think of powerful blades and deep slashes I think of everything and nothing but all that comes out is air and I don't know how or why but I thought of you
Missiles of mistrust and combating reality, 
If you knew me now, you’d know I’ve changed If you knew me now, you’d see me differently I’m not the same person I used to be
You'd think school is for the education, the diploma, the endless possibilities of ways to go for the future. So many ways I could leave here and go to college, go to work, make some sort of money.
Sierra lived in a nice house Nice family, nice clothes, All the things most kids want. Sierra chose to go down the wrong road Drugs,
Explore my mind, Explore my mind What am I to be? Who am I t find? What will life bring to me? Why do I feel blind? Blinded by my destiny, my true destiny I wonder A Poet, an actress, a dancer
If music is a choice, why can't gym be a choice? If art is a choice, why can't gym be a choice? What if some of us are not physically inclined? Just like some of us are not artistic? 
I know what this is. This is the hammer you wield Pounding against my head. Though you are no Thor, But rather a monster
You don't know what I have been through, What I have lived,  My past, Why are you trying to judge my future? I am not going to turn out like the generations before me,
A earthquake erupts throughout my hands. The rain               falling through the                                                 distance
some are good                                                                                                                             some are bad some make you smile some make you sad   some are dark
We have so many choices in this world, and we’re expected to pick just one. We have so many choices in this world, and we’re never able to get the best of both worlds. Should I eat a banana or apple for lunch?
Some plié their paved roads with desire Leaping and thrusting, they attack their audience with their soulful might Some smear their paths with the colors of their heart Bleeding, they pump the world with their expression
I thought that I was normalThe average teenagerWho stressed about the futureThat loomed on my horizonAnd watched Pixar moviesAnd had nerf gun warsBecause adulthood was waitingTo snatch my childhood up
I am driving without gas and without a destination. On a track without interpretation. Seemingly moving forward striped of imagination. I look ahead and see nothing to my devastation.
Today we're going to learn about life We're not learning the y and x axis But to sign by the x for taxes Lets not talk about literary devices
Poetry is power, and time is money. Life goes on by the hour, until the day gets sunny. Save your energy for later, you'll need it. See you later alligator, might as well eat it.
A lonely, desolate hallway stretches before me. Two ways to turn, left or right. Which is the right path to travel? One is dismal in appearance. Screeches materialize from the shadows.
I lay in the night thinking of my lifeThough I am young I still want to be a wife.I love and get hurt, but how can I explain?What have I done to deserve pain?I am beautiful and smart,
Would you rather be in love OR would you rather be alone and heartbroken forever?   Would you rather learn and make your future successful OR would you rather have no future?
I hear her own thoughts ringing, the shadows that blur her eyes. Those of doubts, each one clouding her judgment as they become constantly large and suffocating.
Don't tell me it will be alright. That is something that neither of us know. Yes, I have a past-and a challenging one at that- But this is where I'll find my path.
What I expect is unlikely to see A school full of life and possibilities People try to tear you down Rather than build you up; they shatter, all your hopes and dreams What I imagined isn't ideal 
She is at an awful age of youth and exhaustion of revelry and caution. They say "Your whole life is ahead." But weigh her future on the decisions of today How can she discover herself when
Barbaric desire, despair’s impulse, Flesh of flesh in incoherent rhythm, Unknown but known Then seen never again, That which feels to protect.
The ground beneath my feet Tremors with Soul and rational Choking forth a dissonant harmony
Happiness doesnt always fall upon you, you have to choose it and then persue it. 7 years ago, my world darkened, my eyes were opened to how bad people really were,
We all make themSome are without thoughtSome harder than othersSome hold onto us and grant sleepless nightsEven after they are made we struggle with their impact
Blood drippingLegs closedArms coveredFeelings exposed Hearts racingWounds unhealedMorbid thoughtsLips are sealed Alone AloneYou left againA knife in my backIgnorant men
  Teachers are the brains of this society Basking in education, nearly causing themselves to solidify Just to extend their brains to teach others how to qualify
The inevitable futures looms over me On this journey to find myself To pick a major is to pick a future As I sit my mind wanders the world of options Simply hoping to discover what’s next
 Typical dork Sneaky,geeky Tutor, poet, plays chess Inside a normal teenager Misunderstood
Hold your breath as you go underDo not surrender to the depthAs you fall into darkness focus on the lightIt will show you the wayTry to fight towards the light
You are my best friend, a great brother, a great person. I look up to you, my hero. What happens if you come back and you don't care about me the same?
I think about you when you're not by my beside You live miles away so that's almost all the time Even worse we're going to college separate ways  Both hoping the relationship will never fade
The sky is the limit they say, yet I havent seen it in days. Loose paper and pen, sorrounded by men. Trying to make it through these years, with fears. Never thought I would end up here, I learned to hear
Choices are never far or few They may be hard to find If you need something new Just wait for that Que. Choices will be kind They give you an option or two Just don't be blind
I'm standing at a crossroads, not sure which route to take. Should i take the right road, of which so few chose. Or should i take the other, and live a life I cannot make.
I’m trying to find something to base my life upon,Something in this strange world that goes on and on. As the years go by and time fades away, What were considered the good days are now filled with dismay.
Did you know that the backwords spelling of the word saggin  is the word niggas? Well, isn't that something. It's a bit ironic because the world has embraced both terms with open arms like a mother
Take me out to play Take me out to write Do not delay I am in the lime light My words dripped down In my genes it does rain I am a writer in this town Words I have slain
  When the world is spinning A bit too fast And as much as you try Your heart’s path comes last And you remember the days Of trying so hard to try To follow those dreams
When will the world change? When its too late and we"re all outside of the gate. We're so easy to judge so easy to fight instead of trying to change a wrong to a right.Theres people living in riches while others are living under bridges.
Aftermath   The fire is hot.     It burns way deep down in your soul.     It sits there searing away inside you,   until you feel charred.    
  I’m only sixteen but I’ve lived through so much, but haven’t we all. Who gives a six year old the decision to stay or go? Moms in jail but whose gonna post bail.
Where Am I? Mexico?  I'm sorry, I don't speak spanish all that well. Shame on me? OK. Everything smells different. Roosters in the road. Where are all of the mountains & hills?
    I  just want  to learn to open my mind And absorb whats inside  so tonight  I lie With a deep thriving drive To explore and expand what 's mines Before the cage bird dies
LIFE is a canvas your CHOICES are your paintbrushes your EXPERIENCES are your brushstrokes your parents and mentors give you tools and society pencils in guidelines
  Momma said "boy be a doctor to take care of my problems when I'm old."
 Momma said "boy be a lawyer to take care of the problems of the Unrepresented and the poor"

I don’t know where I’m going, but how I get there’s up to me I give myself extra time for things I need to complete I still search for my four-leaf clover in a field of threes
"Seven years," was my mantra when I first moved. I don't belong here, and now it's too late to belong there    and I find these havens, in      sanctuaries and trees and basement rooms  
How could one decide,                                                                                                                                                    To make this choice?                                                          
Seasons come and go Sceneries change over time Nothing stays the same A change in time, a change in place A change in jobs, a change in pace Change your style or change your friends
I need a smile on my face, a shot to chase was wearing a crown, but now its fallen down a bad choice for one day, changed my life forever and always. Yes it took two, but it only takes one to be smart
As Summer descends to its end, It creeps in Fall Under the notion that overlooking summer's 94 limitted days will cause the season to last forever.
It's all about phases we humans go passed The way we want to find ourselves To define who we are As being the first to go The oldest in my family I set the path my two sisters are destined to follow
I feel like I'm destined for something but will I reach that preset goal I'm not cruise control I'm speeding along and I break down And it seems like destiny ain't for me.
Upside Down Oh someone turn them right side up I think they’re pining after a dream with no luck ‘Cause maturity will find them Freed but still chained. Dry it still rains
There is always two choices. Two choices leads you to a sea of infinite decisions. Succeed or fail. Just make a choice. Make your own path.
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, but forward the light brigade? Seems odd for soldiers to fight in war When generals see their choices made.
Some have an ambition to be a doctor Some have an ambition to be a pilot Some scuba divers, some athletes There is a broad range of different ambitions With people preaparing for ambitions from a young age
When you know you don't wanna give up, You hold on tighter. When you don't wanna give up, You wonder if what you're going through is worth it. When you don't wanna give up, You become blind.
And all I see looking back at me, Is broken glass Destiny. And all these paths we make, And all these lives we take, Lead to selfish will And hope that always fills The empty side of me.
Once a little girl Full of life Nothing brought me down I was always happy Not a care in the world About the tragedies of life I didn't even know they existed At least they didn't in mine
I wish that I was what you wish me to be A girl who follows someone else's dream To be someone living a different life Who has things she could easily get
A decision for living Your life to God giving Into the water is the immersion But this is just outer diversion Devotion and Loyalty Trouble and Strife These are all part of a Christian's life This is the greatest choice you'll ever make It is a wo
A seedling. A growing. A Swaying. A Blowing. A Tumbling. A Falling. An Ending. A Calling. A Fate.
*Down a dusty road he walked, his feet were always bare. No one passing with him talked, not a soul did care. None could fathom what he sought, or even wonder why.
The once was a time when everything was right, right?
The Beatles once said, you need to change your mind instead Rather than revolution, changing the institution, rewriting the constitution. But I’ve made up my mind, And I don’t have any more time
We live in the land of the privileged. But our humanity has been lost. We have so much power, but that power comes with a cost.
How to know what you've done right It's the bright of the light The way your lips curve The sights the sounds, they give it away Kind of like a salty blue ocean bay How you know you've done wrong
Ambition. To strive, to feel completed Everything that you may have wanted, Are now the things you may have needed. But tell me, What is Ambition? The ability and hunger to go after your dreams.
I never know what choice to make, Be it right, be it wrong. I never know which road to take, Be it right, be it left. I never know what to do, Be it this or be it that. I never know who to trust,
Has he even noticed? Or does he even care? This car is turning, racing but we're going nowhere. He steps on the gas, my heart begins to flutter. We're free falling fast, but without God's ruder.
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