As it had been perceived to be




I had only awakened only to see the one

I have been so desperately and passionately

Been waiting to embrace,

To let known as it has always seen

Not as it has always been perceived

That I understood his vulnerability

Anguish, suffering

And stubbornness

For reasons I don’t dare

Explain, fore it would be pointless.




I had opened my mouth which since

Then been shut and explained to be

The result of pain and remembrance by those

Who dare not them selves be called out in the way

I’ve been shut.




I had let known, the torment, and will

That’s vanished in the eyes of those I care

Not to name because of how

Blind they’ve allowed their selves to be

For the sake of those they lest not care most

But has brought them sorrow they care to admit?


Would I have then prevailed?

And would you been the one to crash at my knees

With a sound as bold as the bells ringing

On plantations filled with those who’ve been as quiet

As our very selves?


Would I have then prevailed?


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