your life and no one elses

When the stick in your hand reads "postitive" there is an expectation from the world around you

Except instead of instantly feeling maternal joy, you feel the pang of a loss.

It's a pain over the loss of the life you would no longer lead.

It's a pain over the loss of everything that lie ahead of you.

And then there's the pain for the lack of love this child would recieve if brought into this world.

This is your life and don't you deserve to live every moment of it rather than sacrificing it for the life of another?

Yet you decide to do it anyway.

But when you wake up in the dead of night with the heat of your own blood tracing a course along your thighs and the empty echos inside of you, you still feel the pain of that loss.

It's the loss of the child you never wanted but it's still the loss of a life that never began. 

They may see us as cruel because we fight to say that these are our bodies, our choices, our rights, but they don't see the truth in our hearts. 

We are not monsters, we are girls with dreams and love, fighting to lead the lives we've been given as we wish to lead them before they drop between the cracks in the floorboards.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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