If music is a choice, why can't gym be a choice?

If art is a choice, why can't gym be a choice?

What if some of us are not physically inclined?

Just like some of us are not artistic? 

No one participates, no one wants to participate, no one cares.

It's all just a show, like education is turning into a show.

On top of that, if you don't show good attitude, you get points taken off your GPA.

Who wants that for an unnecessary gym class?

Who wants that in general?

Now, what about changing into different clothes every other day? 

How annoying is that?

Why should I change out of my good outfit just to waste a period throwing around balls? 

It's unnecessary, and it's very frustrating to have to have gym as a class every other day,

as it should be an elective. 


Students need more sleep, right? 

Students need more time, right?

Therefore, students need more days off, rihgt?

Think about it; they get more time, for everything. 

More sleep, more homework time, more self-time.

So what I'm saying is to have a 3 day weekend every other week.

Students will enjoy it, as well as teachers. 

Sure, it cuts out less time for school work,

But that doesn't mean we can't work it out.

The weekend system right now is totally unfair, and is not doing justice.

Five straight days of school and then two days only for the weekend? 

That seems unproportionate to me.

Take it into consideration, please.


Okay, so how else can students learn better? 

Maybe by sorrounding themselves with people they're comfortable with instead of random people.

It would definitely be a plus if students had the choice of who their classmates were going to be with for the next year. 

Of course, many of them would choose their friends, which is perfectly fine.

It is better that they have a plus with their learning environment instead of a negative.

And, if students end up being too chit-chatty, the teachers can like always split them up. 

But knowing that you have at least one friend with you for support in a class helps a lot. 


Last but definteley not least, let's talk about the classes themselves.

In high school, as it was changed recently, students no longer can have a lot of free periods.

This should one hundred percent be changed.

Several reasons include that students have more time on their hands to get things done,

They have more time to relax within school hours,

And most importantly, why should a student have to take a class even though they have enough credits?

Why should I have to take a course that I don't want to?

Just so I can fill up my credits for the semester?

What about all those credits I worked for in the four years of high school?

That is ridiculous. 

High school is ridiculous. 


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