Taking the Turtle Road


Whoa buddy

Slow down

Take the Turtle Road.

But no,

I have so many places to go.

Let me hop on the freeway

Breeze on through

Ignore the distractions

Keep your eyes on the road.

Don't take those exits

Keep your mind on the road.

Was that a friend?

No, no, no, keep my eyes on the road.

Was that a memory?

No, no, no, keep my heart on the road. 

Wait, wait, wait my friend

Pay attention to what comes before the end.

The journey is nearly over, yet it's just beginning. 

Don't pass on by the pitstops,

They are needed along the way. 

The stops you make will power the go's

Take your eyes of the freeway...

And venture on down to Turtle Road






The purpose of this writing is to warn readers to be wary of moving too fast on the proverbial road to life after high school. Things lie along side the road like friends, family, and memory making opportunities that should not be passed up. Take it slow, stay present in your present...it is a gift!


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