Facts or Comic Fiction

Where does your alliance lie?

Will you pledge alliegance or will you defy as I?

The rebellion, hellion, deviant manical child,

not willing to be spied on riding a spider wild,

while I spied her secretly trading,

(her copper tone fading), smile for an addiciting,

hile, hello, high, why do I spy a needle eye in my thigh veins,

my brains not in control, I don't have a soul or a hole to plug,

I'm filled with hate, lust, blood, and drugs,

my shoulders shrug off the dirt but the hurt remains sluggish,

like a took a puff with the thuggish ruggish,

like I took a slug from a champ, like I took a slug for my product after I camped,

out for three days straight, and forgot to shave, now I'm in the grave, for some silly game,

damn I feel ashamed, damn I feel enslaved, that I paved the way,

for my own road to destruction, I roam alone in the dysfunction

of the nation, what'd she say-son, she walk this way-son, and look so damn amay-zon,

my heart's race-on, and I'm pace-on, I have no play-son, my mind is blaze-on,

I'm like a stray-son, searching for a bone today-son, should she throw my way a lay-son,

but I have so much more to face-son, when I leave that comforting place-son,

I could die without a trace-son, each day you have to take in grace-son,

But until I see the ash from a grey-son, I'm keep on Robin like Dick Grayson,

but try to run up on me with that bat man, in that hand man,

I'll make you take a dirt nap like I was sandman,

ask yourself if you're the man with the plan man,

or an underdog, being underfed, underhand man,

understand man, comprehend trends friend, don't pretend that you can't be upended,

if you're offended it's obvious your mind's been suspended,

held up and confined in detention, did I forget to mention,

now that I have your attention, Class is in session, teacher what's the lesson?

Shut up and listen! I can't dismiss you if you dismiss me,

that's what's known as inconsistency, coincidentally, history suspiciously,

propogates omission, what's the true mission,

I can't go fishin for answers if I don't know what's missin,

and that's the truth you, can't find in a voting booth,

I lost a tooth for biting my lip so long,

so far my taughters teached me to be stupid and wrong,

but I say to thee,


Read children, don't breed children,

breathe children,

we need children, to be children

and believe in yourselves not the lies, keep open your eyes and be wise,

stay cautious and always be true, if to no one else then at least to you.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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