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Singing Bells

Heaven or Hell

To live or die

To sin or to lie

To forgive or to be forgiven

How are some people afraid of liven

A heart beats

The new air it greets

My heart pumps

With full emotions that start to clump

With blue blood that made me

The real way of life is what I see

The stories of my ancestors

My way of life has so many open doors

To be created by my parents

Or molded from my friends to be breathless 

My future is bright

As long as God will hold up my light

I will be patient 

To hope a better school is were I'll be sent

So perhaps I can mold myself

To provide for my own one day with my wealth

Through sins and lies

With great deception and demise

For now I will decide

To sing the healcenly bells with no lies

I can do great things for my life

Because this is how I will survive



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