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snowy hills come alivereflecting the glow from our firelightcatching the stars in the skyi hope i have a good dream tonight since it's just you and me - the two of us-we've got just one shot, so i've got to trustwe can work together, you and medon
It took me a long time to realize that not everyone in your life is going to want what is best for you, And that sometimes the people around you are going to want to see you fail because they know they could never do what you do.
Lately it seems like I am constantly going through the same battle in my mind, And it all comes down to whether or not I need to let you go, or hold on and still believing that one day you will be mine.
For the first time that I can recall, this is theI knew deep down in my heart that the decision that I was making was the right one, Even though everyone was telling me that there was no hope and that I needed to be done.
The things I lost Are vast. Difficult to name, Harder to think about Without anger bubbling up the well in my chest - Whole years are smoke. Memories, good and bad, Swirling into empty space,
Accused, humiliated and chastened Guilty of being naive, kiddish and candid "I'm sorry ", I said. And then Fancied did I as well "I'm sorry too" From you_ Don't you think to me it was due?
Trying to do better, but keep choosing the same door. There's nothing but pain here, guess theres a desire for more. Words saying stay, actions pushing to go, go, go.
In the middle of the night When the sky shines so bright I look up at the stars Even though it is far Not a single sound 
Walking along down that road we all know Forever our happy place the best place to go Friends forever I know we will be At our second home, where we feel truly free
Floating through nothing Colorful orbs of light Illuminate the emptiness Giving a sense of place In the vastness of the void  
Life for you Life for me Life is Love   I call for you you don't call for me life is Melancholy   Melancholy for you Melancholy for me  Melancholy is Death  
Sometimes I have to remind myself Things aren't that bad That all I am Is a little lost That I'll find my way Tucked into my thoughts
Rusty hinges, a noisy gate. Echo rattling through pure hate.  Flooded engine , well that’s great. Cavaly arrives a bit too late. Where it’s at and where it was . He won’t accept that word “because.”
A delirious soul I am, Constantly yearning for the love I can never attain, Why must my heart ache for those who it will never reach?
Darkness darkness, I open my eyes still darkness Voices call out all bitter "nothing! Your nothing" I call out no awnser  Darkness steals my voice More voices still bitter Acceptance of pain
Once upon a time there was a sad little girlwho sat at the swings alonewaiting for someone to occupy the empty swing next to herso they'd swing togetherand she'd feel a little less lonely
The first senses of shyness and excitement mix together in an odd sort of cocktail      You try to hide your brewing intrigue and curiosity that come at you
Reach the sky, trust the sun  and crave its kindness. Rely on the orchestra of rain to quench your thirst. Depend on the lavish ground to stand tall.   When Winter dethrones warmth,
Life is lonely estranged and grey but he had a brilliant mind bright enough to shower the world with stars his jokes caused laughter to bubble up up but he only felt down
Ignored red watercolor paint spilled on a glass table, Coffee mug creating crescent and full moon sections of rubbed away, Left on piano jazz playing through phone speakers,
with time comes responsibilty. only those who can partake in such things such as a job are said to live happy but does money makes us "human" does being wealthy make us proud and lovable?
When I was young once long ago, Threatened I was: though I didn't Know My parents feared as to my fate Afraid that the doctors would be too late  
like the sun and all the stars she was bright - - as lovely as the flowers as beautiful as the - - more radiant than all as joyful and hopeful as a wishing star always the smartest
You’re the sweetest melody playing within. The thumpy-thump in the midst of my heart. The soothing, mellow tune lulling me to sleep While I lie quietly, still, listening in the dark.  
i swear the shadows take me, just like i swear that i am fine. i swear that i am hopeless but i swear that i am trying i swear to lift my head up  when others push it down i swear i know my place
Never let your Past catch up to yourself No matter how much the past stabs your back keep your head up and run with those who give you hope   We as humans are born to endure hatred and Depression
Arielle, you were light you were gone before we saw this when you left it was dark I couldn’t see  who could replace such a beautiful thing   nobody  so it stays dark, like the darkness right after the sun sets  i pretend like it’
I was a young girl Confused with the things I had experienced and seen I was too curious I tried to experience love So imaginative
Dear Future Jeff,   I have so many questions, Don’t know where to start. Are we keeping it together, Or continuing to fall apart?   Right now, I’m really excited, Not sure what to say.
365 days have came and went Another year of time well spent    2017 was one to remember
I find it Fascinating The tiny Futures we Envision With one Another Despite Knowing in
You gave birth to me in the month of October while my father peeked over your shoulder. You raised me with love and compassion always and I desire to follow in your ways. On a cool morning in June of 2004
Nothing works words escape my mind and leave me with nothing i can’t control it anymore noone believes me about how far gone it is oh no they say to stop and do what nothing
You look at old pictures,  Which trigger past memories. You recall distant friends Turned unsuspectiny enemies.   You remember a time When you weren't so pained, When you could stand alone
There is a stupidity in this world. It drifts from person to person And it lingers in crowds. It is subtle but so widely stretched It encompasses the whole of humanity.
I came out to you on a school day I gave you that final part of me And I can hear it in your voice as you spit out your words: "Disgusting." "Disgraceful." "Horrid." I'm a disappointment to the family,
Self Destruction by Nestor G. Mendoza Looking back at my childish ways, lord knows of my devilish days.
2016. The year I graduated Highschool. The year I start college. 2016 was going to be my year. Oh how life decides to shake things up I went to get help in the summer of sixteen
January Another year, another promise to myself to be happy February The weather outside isn’t the only thing that’s cold The sadness transformed into hatred March I refuse to give up this time,
The morning sun is like a coffee Liquid light streaming from the sky A cup of bliss for upturned faces Receiving the golden greeting from up high.   The morning sun is like a letter
I awake to my alarm clock screaming through the darkness. The sound pounds unforgivingly on my eardrums, and I feel tired.
There's a crime in the mind Of a man who rhymes about the common day times The man who spreads lies in the form of tongue tied twists
everything i write lately has been nothing but pain but i fail to notice all the flowers growing from the rain i see the storm  not the cleanse i see a new beginning  as the end
Holding you firm while opening a birthday gift Only five years old, with Plenty of high expectations for a firetruck. It’s Everything that you could’ve imagined,
The wind rushed quietly as I made my way down the backroads of my small town Picking up speed, cruising as if there was all the time in the world The sky was a lilac blanket, quiet and still
"The girl that on one sees A season she can't control  Pent up emotion she cannot free This time it's taking it's toll Down on bended knee Not freely these tears roll The breaking burning plea
I’m seated in a comfy chair, he’s running his fingers through my hair, I’m thinking aloud as I write,
Imagination ruins and creates us, We run with the wind or get blown behind, Letting others distort our perception of the perfect image, Searching for the one person to the end of the world,
You be provoking this angerwhen I simply wanna smile,I know you believe that the whole world is against usand there is no justice, but maybe it’s just usI don’t know what has gotten into me
*This poem is the first of a pair. It's partner is called "Potentially Perfect Poison.  
Uncertainty used to scare me Until you got here Now I’m diving in Diving deep And I don’t care if The deeper I go The dark overwhelms me Because there will always be A tiny chance
She stands looking in the mirror and what does she see ? what she appears to be  a young woman of faith  filled with promises from above Her flaws run deep  yet she is washed clean
I ask you not to stare when I walk by, So look into my eyes where beauty lies, Some people’s comments make me want to cry,
JC: When darkness seems to take you on, and waters rush, and the storms brew strong: The world is supposed to be this way. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t fall astray.  
The weekend seemed so far away It almost felt like the week would stay It’s finally here, So let’s give a cheer, I’ll make through the academic year!
Walk by my side along this road We’ll go over sparkling water on bridges And underneath mountains through dark tunnels But everywhere, it is the same – us together.   No destination set, no end in sight
A day in New YorkPracticing my favorite sportMunching on pizzaOr talking to my mother, Lisa Sitting at home on a cold autumn day,
*/ /*-->*/ I feel like I'm falling apart. I'm breaking Like glass, shattering on the floor.
Abandoned yet hopeful,
Small Doll chips away, Small Doll likes the fray, Small Doll knows nothing, But the sad decay,
Broken roads engulfed with rubble A heart apiece, blind eyes focusing Who can stand to face the trouble The hearts that burn, spurned Eager to face another day, wanting
Control. Let it go hold it in Breathe Control. Hit a wall Scream so loud Breathe   Control. Uncontrolable emotions Cry like mad  
I sing and feed my soul.  I dance and sing at my pleasure, Turning and observing the stars in the sky. Counting more than my seventeen years, deep wonder fills my eyes.
The light shines through the leaves burning iris after iris
When they left their toys in the yard, my mind went insane. wouldnt your mom beat you? and your dad...teach you a lesson? your sister yell? your brother get stomped on?
My emotions have change for the ever more its become so much more. The obstacles i face that is in my way, seems not to be a problem, oh how my life has change, with you right next to me,
As I'm laying here  in my bed, cherry blossoms bursting  in my brain, I scratch an itch between the blue lines. 
When I am on stage with my guitar I am the most honest form of myself
You’re just a girl.
A small town is just that. A small town.
The simplest things In the smallest packages Are usually best
I’m unstable The earth shakes in me like a thousand drumbeats Drumbeats that quiver and reverberate through my bones The tectonics shake and the supports fall out
  A down pour of tears, a heart full of fear. Don’t let me fall for I ache of the love within. Don’t let me fall. I’m crying out for someone to help. Don’t let me fall. If I was to drown in the world around me,
I hold a small, pink eraser in my hand I carefully bring the ends of the eraser toward each other Watching the middle of it stretch To make ends meet
A shiny lock Numbers written around the edge in a circle I watch as it turns Back and forth The numbers blend together Amd I get confused and lost No longer sure how to unlock it
The best poem ever written, had its audience so smitten. It captivated thinkers. Sobered up those lousy drinkers. It rose up to the occasion, moved people with persuasion. It fought those moral battles, no more difficult equations.
Living life in blissHappy to live like thisNothing taken for grantedI've got everything I've ever wanted
All everybody wants it to be happy, But how could they strive for such thing when Happiness is the epitome of elusiveness?   Then again, some people are more hopeful than others.
Should I hold it all in...or should I cry it all out? But I don't want to disappoint them,  I don't want to be given the doubt. They think I'm strong. They think I can do better. But how can I?
If I found a way heaven Would you follow close behind Would you never turn back to face A world we left behind   What if it was a mistake Would you hate me 'till the end
Anger is pointless Anger can thrill Anger is useless  Anger can kill   Anger is consuming Consuming like hate Consuming your soul Consuming your fate   Stay calm and breathe
it's true, I say that the pain stays inside that we don't know where to hide but why? you ask because we're broken because we're lost because we are alone
On her birthday a small girl gets A tiny blank book with flowered cover And starts to write lyrics to her regrets.    A medium girl rediscovers A composition book with slight blue lines
I pray that love sets me free and though im blinded by hate, love overcomes me. I pray that one day I learn to live so that I wont be afraid to die and that there remains many reasons in this world for which I will never have to cry.
Maybe I'll start today or tonite Maybe I'll think on a daily Maybe I'll give him what he wants Maybe she'll recognize me Maybe this will be the last time I feel pain Maybe I can do this!
One day: I will wake up in the best mood. I will go through the day without a single bad thought. I will put on a smile that is absolutely genuine. I will be satisfied with how I look.
I believe that you're special. I believe that when you hear my voice you smile. I believe that your heart skips when you see me. I believe you love me. I believe that you know you were wrong.
Dark Whisperer, Dark Whisperer, hush up For I am terrified I can no longer endure Yet another night Of the taunting, and the pain No longer can I stifle you And it's driving me insane.
Because bad things happen And then life gets hard Hope is lost along the way But you must hold on Because giving up is not an option And failure means defeat
I wonder what its like to be happy to be someone who isn't me to be normal to not have these thoughts to be able to just "fit in" just one of those people who's there who every one likes
I need closure I need to know why why you said those words how they tasted when they left your lips little did you know their outcome you cant tell someone "go die" and expect them to be okay after that
I dream a dream so dear and ture. but to see you be in such a mood, make my dream come fade. I want to see you dream A dream I do. but in these darkened halls, I see and hear no dream.
Don’t Give Up On Me Don’t give up on me I’ll lend a hand and meet you halfway We will stand by each other’s side day by day Hold you close and hold you near; please never be afraid to whisper to me your biggest fear
Skipping rocks on a still pond not knowing the depths or how long as it breaks the cool surface it sinks into a rink of uncertain getting knocked down wave after wave
Take off your glasses Before another second passes Exchange them for rose colored lens The world proably bends from negativey to creativy I bet you gained a different perspective
One mind Incapable of Change Like a paper airplane making the same folds since you've been this old Unable to watch it sore From the fears it'll crash into the floor. You make it seem so sure
Born looking “white” Grew up looking “bright” Born to be a gift Grew up on feelings I could not lift Born to be beautiful Grew up to be judgmental
A girl pictures herself as someone other than her. A girl who has everything that anyone would be envious of. She feels as though there is no hope for her.
I was cute when I was four till I was abandon and forgotten now theirs hate, mistreating and rejection started to become common I hate when people ask about my parent's its to awkward
Going to class shoelaces untied and I don’t mind, Got my head down, headphones in, walking a straight line, Keep moving forward without a doubt leave the past behind,
So, they say that words have power that we create matter, but all of my words haven't felt like they have power.
I hear them laugh and joke and play. I see their smiles as clear as day. They’re talking to their "BFFs". While they dance and sing, I’m by myself.
You see darkness in my eyes The pain in the tears that I cry You used to hold my hand But that has come to an end All that I ask is that you don't judge me in the end.
Ladies and Gentlemen... We are gathered here today to celebrate something wonderful. A life.
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