disfunctional life


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I was cute when I was four till I was abandon and forgotten
now theirs hate, mistreating and rejection started to become common
I hate when people ask about my parent's its to awkward
but the most I'm willing to say about them is I hate their guts and that punk your with that I call stranger but is written as my father.
Keeping my ration in smaller proportion
a life frozen in contortion
a semi orphan
reminisce when my parents always be saying I'll be nothing, I'm a idiots agreeing on the fact they should had a abortion.
I swear I cried so much the smell of petrichor everywhere
a face looking like a car crash
underfed everything flat including my ass
I'm a nervous wreck
that doesn't get respect
until the next paycheck
and that kitchen knife beside the play set
looks great to cut my own neck
as for my fatherly future?
it looks blurry because I got more then the edge of sense that'll I'll die early
it's all been the same
I'm the innocent victim to blame for thing I haven't came lose to
throw all this crap into my shoes
with out any regards I'm the one always getting abuse
I been the punching bag to everyone
exporting the pain to me

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you are a person that have value
use your life experience in motivating to be a better person
keep writing, great job

alex siordia

thank you

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