Self Destruction

Self Destruction

by Nestor G. Mendoza

Looking back at my childish ways,

lord knows of my devilish days.

The path was clear but took the opposite lane.

I was falling & yet i couldn't complain...


Lost in the motion of the time,

Im sorry that i couldn't comply.



13 while fighting a battle,

innocent youth facing a rattle...

I understood the lingo,

no need to scream. 

Obviously you weren't much help either.

One ear i got my enemey,

my right ear got my inner me.


What has this poison done to me?

Im done with the past me. 

I choose not to let it grasp me.

I let go of my pain and in came the rain.


I woke up 17;

looked back and said...

"Man what a bad day."









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this was for the scholarship.. in the process of building a better me

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