my bestfriends voice


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When they left their toys in the yard, my mind went insane.

wouldnt your mom beat you?

and your dad...teach you a lesson?

your sister yell?

your brother get stomped on?

those kids just had no respect for their parents.

you see, us... we had it all mapped out.


get home from school, hide in the closet. not your room closet though. the front door closet. because things were worse during the summer, nobody hung up anything in there, they barely had any clothes on. anyway, stay there for about two hours.

after all that loud grunting is done and the three men walk out, go to the kitchen. fix a dinner from whatever was left over for your brother and yourself..if there was enough. scarft and take a shower. but make sure you put the hamper in front of the bathroom door because dad always has the urge to use the bathroom when your in there. dont fight with your brother, it makes things worse. if he doesnt wanna shower, its ok.

do your homework fast because your sister comes in yelling about the electric bill because shes in hgh school and works two jobs to pay it. whatever.

mom. let her decide her mood, and when or if you can speak to her. if she knocks on your room door, everything is ok. if she storms in with a wire or wooden hanger, or a steel stoe boot in her hand, you better not move. it'll make her want to hit harder.

me? im just waiting for the perfect opprotunity. the moment when someone has their own life mapped out. i want to be a segment of your life, even though its too late.

see, my little brother left his toys outside in the yard once.

i dont know where they took him.

my sister said they fed him some rat poision and sold his organs for drug money.

she has alwayys been a demented soul.

i want to believe her til this day.


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