Whispered Dark Thoughts


United States
33° 54' 4.1076" N, 117° 47' 45.4956" W

A girl pictures herself as someone other than her.
A girl who has everything that anyone would be envious of.
She feels as though there is no hope for her.
That she's merely a shadow in the distance looking over the horizon to see a glint of who she could become.
Her family tells her many things; of hope of grandeur and of what she could be.
But her thoughts don't go to the loving words her family describes her as; they go to a deep vault of anguish and despair.
There is nothing good in this life I can picture, she thought.
What is the point of my existence?
She pictured herself; a nymph of sorts who wanders the earth with great glee.
Yet she knew that she could never feel that way because she knew in her heart that she could never let go of the feeling of despair that wrapped around her heart.
Looking out above a terrace she sees the city below her; rushing forth with purpose and wished that she had purpose.
As the cars whizzed by she saw her past go by her and saw nothing that she could remember.
As if she was merely a whisper on the wind.
She took a step forward and jumped.
Her sight went black and silence enveloped her body and spirit.
She knew she had wasted her life and now she felt one with the world.
But she still wonders now that if she hadn't had jumped how her life would've been.
She realizes now that she had everything; but she didn't know it then.


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