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Fri, 07/21/2017 - 11:57 -- Neftee

There is a stupidity in this world.
It drifts from person to person
And it lingers in crowds.
It is subtle but so widely stretched
It encompasses the whole of humanity.

It's the reason why we elected trump.
It's also the reason why hillary almost won.
But most notably,
It is why we still try to figure life out.
We struggle so hard.
Everybody has problems,
But they aren't ours to control.
Just let it go.
Life is chaos, so don't try to know.

Give up.
Life is not a chalenge.
It is just a ride.
Enjoy the parts that are good.
Make your way through the parts that aren't.
Take every friend the world gives you.
And forgive your foes.
Let the dilusions you hold so close
Slip away like water off your toes.

Feel your emotions.
Don't stuff them away.
Emotions are the barometer to your soul,
And I hope you use them well.
This life is not easy.
Or fair.
But it is the life.

Be smart.
Don't let the stupidity find you.
Always think.
Use that brain to pick apart the lies,
The politicians spew, to try and prove
that the ship won't sink.
But it is sinking.
So jump right in.
The water is fine.


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