Down Days


United States
39° 44' 46.0752" N, 121° 50' 41.55" W

Going to class shoelaces untied and I don’t mind,
Got my head down, headphones in, walking a straight line,
Keep moving forward without a doubt leave the past behind,
Kid with his head in the clouds, hands in pockets, needs to unwind,
I hate that feeling: flawed; I should feel just fine,
Craving carbohydrates and carbonated drinks oh my,
Lions, tigers and bears put theirs on the line,
So why must I fear for mine, I need that sign.

Laying in my bed hour wasted on simulating scenarios,
I could be outside practicing my verials, its scary though,
Thinking it could’ve been more than what it actually was,
And now its nothing never notice it was because,
Well, none of that nonsense really matters now,
Not who, not what, where, when, why or how,
Shit went down and we’ve gone in different directions,
That’s cool cause you can’t corrupt these cognitive connections,


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