Dark Whisperer

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 20:14 -- Sarose

Dark Whisperer,
Dark Whisperer, hush up
For I am terrified
I can no longer endure
Yet another night
Of the taunting, and the pain
No longer can I stifle you
And it's driving me insane.

Midnight has struck
And still you are here,
I've run out of luck
And growing, is the fear.

Dark Whisperer,
Dark Whisperer, leave me be!
Yet another night must I weep
Not quite alone,
As I struggle to fall asleep.
Slowly you are gaining control
And I am not the same,
No one there, so I can be consoled.

Whisperer, you demon you,
Insanity has taken its toll
So now my resistance is few,
Lessened, no longer whole.

Dark Whisperer,
Dark Whisperer, try as I might
You still manage to linger in my ear
You've won now,
For my sanity has disappeared.
I'm yours now, and I shall obey
Forever shall I stay.

Whisperer, have I lost my mind?
For I am lying in a pool of red
Leaving my old life behind,
For it's what your whispers have said.

Beating, and with a last thud,
Wide-eyed, I lie here
In my own dark pool of blood.


Shaynah Woody

You are freaking awesome. This poem really spoke to me :) keep writing you've got crazy-awesome potential.

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